Signed: 2019 BMW X6 X35i, 74k MSRP, $591/month, DAS $2800, 7 MSD

Quick shout out to this forum for helping me guide thru this deal. It took a solid month of being told by most BMW dealerships that there isn’t that kind of markup on this car but found one that was willing to work with me. Also signed up for BMW CCA and looking at an additional $1k rebate.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW X6 x35i
MSRP: $74k
Monthly Payment: $591
Drive-Off Amount: $2800 (first, tax, doc/lic)
Annual Mileage:12k
Incentives:$5250 (lease incentive + loyalty)
Leasehackr Score: 10.1


Nice deal and awesome car.

Location of this deal? Which state?

Great looking car!

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congrats…great deal

Nice deal, haven’t seen many on x6s. Congrats and enjoy the beauty!

Hey guys I’m new here. So Im hoping I could get some help. This is a loaner x6 After seeing the deal above I feel like I’m getting totally hosed.

I would start at negotiating the sale price down further than they are offering. When looking at demos I think you might be able to get close to 15% off. I shopped around for about a month prior to finding the deal I landed.

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The signed 2019 BMW here with 74 MSRP, $591/mon, DAS $2800, 7 MSD seems good.

How do you think this deal compares to the one on BMW website special offers?

I don’t know how to derive the leasehacker score, but I tried putting in the numbers

Special offer
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW X6 x35i
MSRP: $68k
Monthly Payment: $599
Drive-Off Amount: $5000 (first, tax, doc/lic)
Annual Mileage:12k
Residual: 58%?
Incentives: ???
Leasehackr Score: ???

Additional details from the website
$ 599 first month’s payment
$ 3,500 down payment
$ 0 security deposit
$ 925 acquisition fee
$ 5,024 Due at Signing
Monthly lease payments of $599 per month for 36 months is based on an adjusted capitalized cost of $57,513 (MSRP of $68,545, including destination and handling fee of $995, less $3,500 customer down, $0 security deposit and suggested dealer contribution of $2,282 and $4,500 Lease Credit, $750 Loyalty/ Conquest Certificate). Actual MSRP may vary. Dealer contribution may vary and could affect your actual lease payment. Cash due at signing includes $3,500 down payment, $599 first month’s payment, $925 acquisition fee and $0 security deposit. Lessee responsible for insurance during the lease term, excess wear and tear as defined in the lease contract, $0.30/mile over 30,000 miles and a disposition fee of $350 at lease end. Not all customers will qualify for security deposit waiver. Tax, title, license, registration and dealer fees are additional fees due at signing. Advertised payment does not include applicable taxes. Purchase option at lease end, excluding tax, title and government fees, is $40,442.

Based on Leasehacker calculator, monthly should be less, right?

Those national deals are always terrible. At best, its a bar you should easily be able to beat.

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Why would anyone do MSD. I’d rather invest that $5000 plus. If you need MSD to afford a lease, you are overextended. Get a FA to teach you how to make more money whereby you will be buying a Maclaren in 5 years.

This has been talked about to death on this forum. It’s literally a guarantee return on investment. If that $5000 in MSD reduces your MF, such that you save $30/mo. Over 36 months, you would save $1080. You get the $5000 back at the end of the lease, plus the $1080 saved. That’s a 21% return over 3 years, that’s GUARANTEED. If you can beat that investing elsewhere, of course you should do that.

And MSD’s rarely reduce your monthly payment so much, that it goes from unaffordable to affordable. So you can throw that argument out the window.


Then don’t do MSD. Waiting on pics of your McLaren.


Wow. Learn something new on here everyday. So people who can afford to put down MSDs are the ones whom are overextended while people who can’t afford the MSDs are not? :man_facepalming:


Where do you invest?

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Financial Advisors are a joke. The term is thrown around so much in this forum by people who have no clue about financial or wealth management.

There are no certifications or qualifications needed to use the title Financial Advisor. Unless they receive a certification in Financial Management from CFP, CFB, or FINRA licenses there is little to set them apart from any college grad in business.

Better to select someone who is a Certified Financial Manager, CPA, etc.

Would you hire someone to do your taxes who was not a CPA?

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Obviously he is a whiz and invests in crypto…

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Ah no wonder he’s so grumpy.


Nah man, he bought it at 1 cent and he mines it in his spare time


You guys are typical millennial trolls. I hope you are all millionaires at the ripe age of 30.

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