Signed - 2019 BMW M4CS $712/month $1K Due at Signing 24/10 Lease


Sourced from a dealer in the Midwest. Apparently that’s where the best deals are on the CS’s. Took very little negotiation to get this price as well.

**2019 BMW M4CS - San Marino Blue
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $107K
**Selling Price: $77K
**Monthly Payment: $712 (Before Tax) - $763 with Tax (7%)
**Cash Due at Signing: $1K (Includes first payment/Tag)

**Annual Mileage:10K

**Leasehackr Score:12.8


That is a heckuva a deal! These M4CS steals are running rampant😁


And this is without MSDS!!!

What’s the breakdown in the incentives again? I know it’s been said but maybe you have it off hand.


$77,000 may be after flagship and incentives so closer to 11.5 dealer discount. Decent indeed but not the steal it appeared to be at first glance.

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Yeah the flagship helps as well as finding a dealer that understands that selling the car at a deep discount is more cost effective than paying the floor plan fees on it…

The deals are indeed out there!

The $8750 is the flagship part or is that baking in things like loyalty etc

I did the math on it. $77,000 is after flagship of $9,000 and $8,750 incentive for $94,750 SP, like i said though, still decent but still had some meat left to grind.


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IMO, this is one of the better M4CS deals we have seen. Regardless of how the numbers were arrived at, this is a 0.7x% deal, I’m not sure much better has been achieved?


30% total discount including incentives is pretty much the bottom on these cars. I left absolutely zero meat on the bone with this deal. Anything more is icing on the cake if one can squeeze out more!


11.5% is very respectable and honestly quite an equitable deal for the selling dealer: not a total loser. :slightly_smiling_face:

Once I can get a couple cars gone I kinda do want to try with one of these at 15% or better before incentive provided the insurance isn’t horrible on them.

Dude, why do you always take a dump on the deals people post? Sure, OP didn’t take the dealer to the cleaners, but it’s an amazing deal on a $107k car, and one of the better M4CS deals posted here.


Great deal! Congrats on the car. It’s a fun car to drive. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

Because this is a sport to him and he is always striving to get the best deal…

He is contributing his thoughts can’t hate on him for that

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Are any of your comments not shitting on peoples deals saying there was meat left on the bone?

I mean seriously, how about on the next one you do offer to do the negotiating for someone, if you claim that people are constantly leaving money on the table why don’t you show us how its done.

Majorly echo @jananth1’s thoughts. All I see on BMW deal threads is you telling people how they could have done better on what are generally very good deals.


They have a high standard of deals- check their post history for their deals. Obviously there are factors like region, timing, incentives qualified for, etc. They are free to express their opinion on the deal as are you. Besides, I think OP is too busy driving this beast to care. :grinning:

If you’ll look on the thread with the Taxi/Mandarin 440I GC, you’ll see I’m doing just that. :sunny:

Glad to see you helping out instead of just the typical “could be better” post that many of us have come to see from you typically. This is all hypothetical, you could say theres more meat on the bone, but at some point, dealers do bottom out, this is evidenced by the fact that some dealers would rather sit with cars than sell them at a real discount.


I’m pretty well versed in the Car Business. If someone can get a better deal than what I got, then great for them! I negotiated it down to a price to where I felt I was getting a great deal, and am extremely happy with it. My time is worth money, and I look at it from the standpoint where people will always think there is a better deal out there. Not worth my time to shop it around when the dealer I sourced it from gave the best pricing out of about 15-20 dealers that I inquired with.

Either way, I will applaud anyone that gets a better deal. That’s why we’re here right, to support each other! With that being said, I’d be happy to send my lease sheet to anyone that’s interested in an M4CS to help out with the negotiation…


This is all that matters…

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Great deal, do you mind sharing the dealership and the sales rep?