Signed: 2019 BMW 330i SoCal

Today I closed this deal for my brother after couple weeks of negotiation. Monthly payment with tax and cash due is below 1% with 15k miles.

Calculator won’t match the exact number due to last 3 payments of our current lease rolled into this lease.

While signing the documents, they realized that the numbers were calculated based on 10k miles, but they agreed to finish the deal, I even paid the down payment before that.

The dealer said they won’t replicate it for sure, so please don’t ask me the dealer info.

2019 BMW 330i (New)
Convenience Package, Live Cockpit Pro, Parking Assistance Package, 19” Orbit wheels

**MSRP: $47,860
**Selling Price: $40,215 (16% off incl OL)
**Monthly Payment: $379+tax ($409 incl tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: $1,500
**Incentives:$4,250 ($2k loyalty, $750 lease incentive, $500 CA incentive, $1k college grad)

**Annual Mileage:15k
**Residual:$27,758 (58%)

**Leasehackr Score:10.5


From 10k to 15k is a 3% residual adjustment. They just agreed easily like that ?

Maybe due to end of month, or classic dealership mumbo-jumbo not sure. I’m happy with the final payment anyways :slight_smile:

a second person tonight posting they’re getting 16% off MSRP on a brand new redesigned car like this? kinda odd…

That’s all that matters congrats


Not odd, we are living in the era of crossovers and Tesla’s, sedans aren’t in high demand these days.

Nobody here has topped 12% I think before…

best so far was 16% off new G20 from San Diego, someone posted yesterday. Deal was thru a broker. There has been people who got 14 % as well, these are all 2019 330i’s though, haven’t seen any good M340I deals here yet. Best deals are either Cali or NE.

Great deal on the new body style…congrats

Maybe uncertain economy has dealers wanting to unload inventory.

A lot of people are reading the headlines and possibly hesitant to spend $ on luxury cars.

Meanwhile I’ll likely get another 100k plus sports car. Yolo

I think it’s a lot more of the SUV craze than the economy.

Is agree about the SUV craze. But remember what I said about the economy. “I am not uncertain”.

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Thanks! 20202020

This Is the overall vibe I’m getting.

After 2 days of emails I think I have a good deal here???
New 2019 330i - 36mo/12k
-Convenience package
-Live cockpit pro

**MSRP: $45,995
**Sell price: $39,333 (OL included) 14.5%
**MF: 0.00165
**Residual: 60%
**Down: 0
**MSD: 0
**Drive off: $1,175
**incentive (conquest/lease credit): $2,250

**pre tax: $397
**monthly payment including tax: $434

**Amount paid over 36 months (monthly+Drive off+acquisition+disposition+9.5% tax)
Approx. $18,800

Hacker score: 9.3 years

Not great but not terrible. Try to close the gap to where you’re at 0 DAS.

I’m told by the general service manager that it was “punched in” as a LOANER however, it never made it to the “loaner fleet lot” the odometer reads 18 miles but autonation/dealer website advertises it as NEW. Isn’t it still a loaner???

I’d still see about trying to get same payment with true 0 DAS.

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Thanks, I will see what they say…Spoke to a fleet guy and confirmed the car is registered to dealer and to be sold as USED also it was assembled in Mexico. Where a BMW is assembled much of concern or just preference?
I was ready to sign as of yesterday but backed out, I have it under reservation till tomorrow though

What does VIN start with?

3MW still have it under reservation