Signed: 2019 Audi Q8

This is the 4th Audi I got, also got the Q7 the same day on NYE. Total Discount was 20% off MSRP and buy rate on the money factor. (Now have: R8, A6, Q7, and Q8 in the family) Q7 and Q8 are business vehicles.

Big question is: Has anyone seen the Q7 or Q8 sell for more than a 20% discount?

2019 Audi Q8
MSRP: $77,025
Sale Price: $61,620
Monthly Payment: $682
Drive-Off Amount: $4,000
Annual Mileage:12K
MF: .00093
Incentives: $2,000 Trunk Money
Region: NoCal
Leasehackr Score: 9.0
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

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Wow even with 20% off this doesn’t look that great as a lease in general. Perhaps great for the model if you have to have a Q8.

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@Dany1122 are you implying you can find a Q8 for less?

Can you all share the data that you are citing this as being a bad lease for a Q8? Or is this just your opinion?

No not at all. You guys are the experts since you leased them. I was referring to Cezar’s comment

@Zein I think you got a great deal considering Audi does not lease well in general and the Q8 programs are not very strong.

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This looks like a fantastic deal for a Q8. I think everyone is just fired up over the 330i, Gulia and XC90 deals. Solid discount on a very in demand SUV!

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Is that a Premium Plus or Premium.
Either trim it’s a great Deal.
Did you add Audi Care also since that’s add 1% to RV.

Looks like the Q7’s are going the way of the 18’ A6’s and 7’s with upwards of 30% off. I’m seeing 25% off on the outgoing Q7s with the 20’s coming in. If you got both on the same day, I might have pushed for 30% on the 7.

@Dannytmc Where have you seen those deals?

Metro NY. Would also guess the Atlanta area dealers would be pushing 25%. They offered me 28% last year on an A6 P+.

Danny- i have seen big discounts of course. I got 21% off my R8, 27% off an A6 but specifically with the Q7 you are saying you have seen 30% off these models???

28% off on a Q7 sounds way too good to be true. Did you sign the deal? Curious to see how the numbers look.

@AudiGuan wanted to have you chime in to this thread to validate whether it’s true- have you seen any Q7 lease for more than a 20% discount off sticker? I’m aware of 24% in purchase but max of 20% on lease…looking for your expertise here.

The 28% was for an 18’ A6, which I did not sign - wound up going with a 640 GT.

Meant 25% off Q7…

20% seems good to me but did they pass along the $7500 federal? I’m also in the market for a Q8 Prestige.

There isn’t a $7500 federal tax credit on the q8…

Good to know…I wasn’t sure. Thanks. 20% still seems good.