Signed: 2019 430i M Sport 24/10k $233mo $0 DAS

Picked up this dealer loaner earlier this week. 2,818 miles. 26.5% discount plus $5,250 in incentives and $1,750 MSDs makes for a pre-tax payment of $233. $0 DAS, except of course for the MSDs.

A newb like me only gets a deal like this with a great broker like @Bacons_C.C. Thanks Stephen for directing me to this and all your help in getting the deal done.

I couldn’t get calculator to match pre-tax payment exactly…Lease doc payment is $233.21 plus tax.

2019 BMW 430i Black Sapphire w M Sport:
MSRP: $56,305
Monthly Payment: $236
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00113 w MSDs
Residual: $34,893
Incentives: $5,250
Region: SE
Leasehackr Score: 20.9
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Congrats and another great job by @Bacons_C.C


Thank you for the kind words. and thank you for your patience through all of this… You have such amazing character and i am thankful that you have such an amazing deal!

For everyone else that is about to message me:

No I do not have anymore of these deals available.


slowly deletes email

lol just kidding, great deal and nice ride!


AMAZING!! Enjoy!

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Nice car! Enjoy…:disappointed_relieved:

if u dont mind…can u elaborate on the incentive breakdown tx

$2750 lease support and $2500 loyalty

Can I get this deal? Looking for $225 a month with $0 down. I don’t have Loyalty. Ready to sign this month.

Jk. Amazing job @Bacons_C.C


I found @Bacons_C.C s alter ego in Boston! If this isn’t kosher let me know :slight_smile: (get it?)


I even had an S4!!!

That is awesome

I just wish I could change my username to bacon


Amazing deal. Congrats @bob_s and great job again @Bacons_C.C :cowboy_hat_face:

Congrats. Enjoy the ride.

Wow. Can someone come close to replicating this deal for me too. But no loyalty although my sister from a diff state has a bmw.

Sweet score!!

None of these crazy deals are replicable without loyalty. BMW loyalty is easily 2k discount.

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and to think I pay $550 a month for a 3 series//

Is bmw loyalty family inclusive or do I have to have it myself?

Same household @chris_kim

It can be a BMW or Mini at the same household within the past 12 months - but you have to show proof with a title.

Edit: So if you have an Aunt 2000 miles away, or even 2 miles away - it won’t work.

I had a dealer tell me that if my dad (who has a BMW) co-signs the lease, that I could get loyalty even though he is in a different state.