Signed: 2018 BMW X2 xdrive28i demo 43k MSRP, 36/10 for $297/mo all in 0 DAS Oregon


Learned a lot from this forum which helped immensely in negotiating my first lease. Thank you everyone! Not a unicorn, but here’s the deal I was able to negotiate.

2018 BMW X2 xDrive28i demo (3,700 miles)

MSRP: $43,055
Selling Price: $35,300 (18% off MSRP before incentives)
Monthly Payment: $297
Cash Due at Signing: 0
MSD: 0
Incentives: $5500

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00177
Residual: 59% (discounted to 56.8 with miles)

Region: Oregon
Leasehackr Score: 11.7

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Congrats on the deal. Is there anyway you could PM me a picture of official paperwork with info blurred out or VIN# so my dealer can look up the vehicle? I am targeting a similar deal on a similar car.

Where can we get the info on RV and MF for leasing loaners/demos. My guess it would be different from a brand new car. Thank you

My understanding is that that MF and RV are the same as a new for a demo, but the residual is discounted slightly depending on the number of miles on the car. They qualify for the same incentives, as well. I may be wrong, but I think lease support ends for 2018s after this month.

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Mostly correct! For BMW specifically, buy rate MF is the same for loaners/demos. Incentives are only applicable for cars under 5,000 miles, and the residual is adjusted as such:
(Mileage - 500) x .25 = $ residual penalty

See the below post for info regarding demos above 5,000 miles: