Signed 2018 BMW 340i $476/mo w/ tax


It was a bit of a struggle to find in my region, but was able to get a deal I was happy with. There was limited inventory at the msrp I budgeted for as well. A couple dealers said they could get nowhere near this. Initially, I was shopping a Giulia Ti Sport but wasn’t able to get a good quote on the couple vehicles in stock around me that were still left. Disclaimer: first leasehackr post so take it easy on me!).

2018 BMW 340i
Melbourne Red w/ Black Interior
Premium Package
M-Sport package
Adaptive M Suspension
Active Blind Spot
Parking Distance Control
Apple Carplay
Heads up Display

MSRP: $56,020
Selling Price: $48,600 (13.3% off)
Monthly Payment: $434 base, $476 w/ tax
Cash Due at Signing: $2200

  • First month payment: $476
  • Cap Reduction: $161
  • Government and dealer fees: $925
  • Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $638

Incentives: $5000
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00188
Residual: 61%

Region: Bellevue, WA
Leasehackr Score: ~10.5


For this area, this is a great deal on a new car. Snow storm negotiations?

Especially surprised at buy rate on the MF since they’re an AutoNation dealer. I think the only thing that might have made it better is MSD.


Beautiful car. Nice deal.

I’m more than certain the snow conditions were a favor. Sales manager made several comments on low sales for the day and basically said he could only make this type of deal happen today. He wouldn’t give any specs on the lease over the phone or via email so I was intrigued.

There was some shenanigans during negotiations, but it wasn’t too bad. Just wish I would have been able to come in with a firm offer in hand to speed up the process.

I was surprised by the MF too and plan on reverifying all the numbers again tomorrow… with fresh eyes.

Really good deal.

Great deal, sweet car. Congrats! Make sure you take advantage of the CCA rebate!

John, can you tell me more about this rebate? I haven’t heard of it lol

@nsurance there it is. @mp11477 thanks.

I’m curious, was this a demo/loaner? Pretty good discount.

Nope. About 26 miles on it when I picked it up too.