Sign tomorrow lease deal for Mazda 2023 CX-9 Carbon edition

Please world is this a good deal!!??? I might sign this lease deal tomorrow for Mazda 2023 CX-9 Carbon edition. My Zip code is 07011.

36 months/ 12K miles (36/12)

DOS 2500 (including 1st month payment and all the fees DMV tax etc.)

500.88 monthly payment with tax and everything included.


Check how this compares to the marketplace deals

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what do you the marketplace deals? And thank you for your response!

Whats the msrp and sales price? Just giving a monthly payment means nothing

Assuming its 46k msrp, youre sitting at a 9.7% discount which on this is terrific. I say take that and run.


Yea it was like 46,100 after the delivery fee and everything. They haven’t told me the end result just what I stated on the thread.

Yea id take the deal if i wanted that car. Not getting a better discount

Would 30 months result in better terms. It was the case for me last month. Not sure what it is this month.

Both 24 and 30 month are ~$5/mo cheaper so really about preference at the end of the day.

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What was your deal??

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At first glance looks good but please post details when available. Good luck!

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Is leasing better than buying it?
If leasing, monthly payment from 350-500, depends on trim. But after 3years, nothing left.
I am struggling on this, wife preferred to buy it. But I was thinking of lease.
Any one give some suggestions?

did you end up taking it?

This “deal” is really here nor there.

If leasing, get a Pathfinder.

If buying, get a Highlander, Telluride or new body Pilot.


Cx9 doesn’t worth to buy?

Unlikely to hold value as well as those 3.

That is why those 3 add up too much right now. Especially Highlander……
I am looking at one of my friends’ RAV4 LE, Toyota dealer really add too much over the market, but they thought they are still lower than market.

Hey just wondering if you guys think there is any more wiggled room on this 2023 CX-9 carbon edition? I’m not sure if it’s shown in this picture but there is 978 figured in with our trade. Thanks in advance!

Zip 18447 thanks!

  1. Isn’t a Pathfinder a lot cheaper this month?

  2. What’s your trade and how much are they offering for it relative to the other online bidders?