Sign tomorrow lease deal for Mazda 2023 CX-9 Carbon edition

We really didn’t look into the Pathfinder. Locally it seems they are more. They really didn’t give me a clear answer on what the trade was worth. Only that there’s 978 of positive equity after paying off the remaining lease. It’s a 2020 Ford explorer with just under 19,000 mi on it.

It’s an XLT but it’s pretty loaded up. 20 inch wheels, panoramic moonroof, adaptive cruise control amongst other bells and whistles.

Log into your Ford account and find out what your lease payoff is (before sales tax).

Pathfinder should be a lot less:

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Okay. I will have my wife take a look being that it’s her vehicle and her Ford pass app. I will look into the pathfinder, thanks!

31638.87 is current purchase option excluding taxes and fees. Is that what we’re looking for?

See what others will offer (most can be done online):

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I’m looking into leasing a pathfinder platinum. Anyone leased one recently? What broker has a good deal? Or should I reach out to my local Nissan dealer?

Click the region you live in: