Shouldn't WANTED be stickied?

I would think this should always be at the top for people to post their wanted ads right?

Does anyone actually read these?

There are definitely some brokers/dealers that read through and contact potential clients.


Oh Awesome!

And to make it real fun , if they somehow mention a Car such as a toyota, then shouldn’t the paying Dealers should get an automatic @ PM?
But that might be wishful thinking on my part.

I’m only speaking for myself but I wouldn’t want that.

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Really you mean if you are a Toyota Broker and you pay Leasehacker some funds you wouldn’t want all the people who are looking for Toyotas?

No sir I sure wouldn’t

I understand why this would be cool in theory but in practice I think it would be overwhelming for a new member who posts

Imagine posting a BMW in NY/NY

Also, I wouldn’t want any requests for unicorns which is extremely common in that area.

Just a couple of examples

I want people to find me based on my reviews and threads.

Interesting, a broker who wants their clients to work for it.
Well then maybe an OPT out of the Wanted list as well.

I think it should be sticky, if brokers/dealers think conversion rate is low they can ignore it.

Pretty sure there are already stickies that noobs don’t read.

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There are always things people don’t read, but look at it from the New Member POV, they need to see where they are going and not looking down 50 posts in marketplace or even possibly on page 2.

Will it fix all of them? Nah, maybe 10% if any, but if the 10% can’t find the sticky, then that 10% also posts in Ask a Hacker which means one of you has to tell them to go to WANTED, which they can’t find.

I also realized that Wanted should auto purge after 30 days, because if you haven’t been helped by then, you are not going to get help.

The wanted adds is already a pinned thread. I’m not sure why it doesn’t show up at the top of the list.

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If you don’t understand the purpose of that thread, then maybe read the first post

This thread is just a landfill for “I want XXX but don’t want to do any work”

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Well, I put the time into marketing and work hard for positive reviews, so if people search for their location (my location) and the brands I serve, I want them to see value in the service I provide and approach me.

I dont want to chase people down on the forums, especially new members. That may be a style thing, though. I feel like that’s the car dealership experience, no?

As a new member, I wouldn’t want to be messaged be 5-6 brokers/dealers.


Right , then don’t post in WANTED then. Isn’t that the point?

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I dont think new members always know right away. It’s often the first place new members post in the forum.

If they posted and got swarmed by 5-6 people, it would be ugly.


You are missing the whole point

  1. Wanted is not at the top, no one can find it.
  2. You tell people to post in Wanted, They still can’t find it.
  3. I was just musing about how to improve it and so far 1 Broker doesn’t like it. (And 1 Trusted Hacker), does that mean you are speaking to all the people who paid money to get at the top of the Marketplace list?
  4. I have seen a few people say I posted in WANTED and nothing happened. Is that because no one looks in wanted because they forgot and should that mean they need a notification system?

Because there is Marketplace for this, and Wanted for those who can’t figure it out.

So WANTED’s real purpose is that?
I would still Sticky it. So at least you have a place to direct those kind of users.