Should marketplace threads be locked to everyone except the thread creator?

Every single interaction seems to be:

Random user:
“Any deals on x?”
“Is x still available?”
“When do you get more x?”


I know my mild infuriation here is irrational because these aren’t even my threads, but holy shit is it annoying to read these interactions when every broker is extremely clear about how people should inquire about their deals. How many times have you seen someone inquire about something that was spelled out literally 1-2 posts up? Seems to me these interactions clutter the threads and make it a worse experience for people actually looking to buy.


I do the same. But these people do bump my thread to the top so not complaining. But yea it’s annoying and clogs the forum up…

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Maybe there’s a way to where responses to the thread by prospective customers can be routed straight to a private message?

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@Ursus Is this your alt?


I think this can go either way.

Sometimes a user will privately inquire about something that might help out other users. Or there could be several private questions that the broker may only have to answer once had it been in the forum.

Personally, when someone does ask “What are the lease numbers on XXX model/trim?”… I would prefer to see the answer in the forum rather than a “text/call me” response because it’s more transparent but I also understand why it’s more difficult for the broker.

But overall, I prefer the interaction vs no interaction.

I can’t do that anymore bc I have like 10 dealers all with different fees/markups etc. I used to do spreadsheets when things were more simple but in this market it’s very tough


Nah. A copycat.

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If not, how do I get some of that sweet Payola to sing @Ursus tune?

I prefer interaction too but not when it’s useless “any x available?”

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Or worse, “just PM/email/texted you, please reply asap!!!”


I agree 100% it’s super annoying. The worst is when they reply to a thread from like 6 months ago and bump it to the top. I think they should be locked and if someone wants to reply they should direct message the OP

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Reading this forum since 2018, unfortunately that’s really not the case a vast majority of the time. Even if the OP posts pictures of a red car and writes in giant capital letters that the car is red, it’s guaranteed at least two people will ask what color it is.


True. I’ve seen posts where someone asks “Do you have an XXX?” write below a post where the broker says “I have an XXX”.

But… I think a thread where only the broker can post may not see much traction… although… this would require the broker to be active if they want to see their threads bumped which could be a good thing.

I like what @Jrouleau426 and some other do where he lists out what he has coming in, what kind of pricing to expect and then it’s up to the posters to find it and contact them directly.


Collectively I’d be curious how many times you’ve typed out “Text for quotes” along with your phone number only for the next post to ask how much on a vehicle.

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Write a petition to @michael and @littleviolette to LOCK dealer/broker threads with only their single post.
I’ve been asking for this for years…
We have other multiple places to have discussions.

I hope M&V take the above into consideration also since bumping threads is also an issue.


If you look at the last 24 hours there really isn’t that many posts in the marketplace. I don’t think it’s an extreme problem at all. None of the brokers here take advantage from what I’ve seen. I don’t mind people asking questions on my thread directly, but when a full 15 reply conversation happens on it I feel the need to have to repost all my latest deals jf it’s not offramped.

I don’t think it should be locked to first post only since active brokers with good deals should get to bump their thread to the top.

And speaking of bump, seems like an easy solution to allow 1 bump a day and then the broker just has to update that post with any further deals they get that day.

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It only seems easy to control bumps. Many brokers just edit their posts with no actual changes to their offerings. Edits to the first post automatically bump the thread (I think) and are easier to monitor for bumps.
And who’s to define and monitor “good” brokers and deals?

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Seems like a bit of a flaw if just an edit bumps a thread, I didn’t know about that.

And I just meant that without the concept of bumping (which I assumed could only be done with a new reply), active broker threads who post throughout the day would get lost in the midst of broker threads who only post every 3+ days.

What you’re requesting is a print edition of LeaseHackr Forum.

Say what you will about Discourse, but for running a discussion forum it makes a lot more sense than a Gutenberg press.