Should I wait for my current lease to mature or lease something now?

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Hi guys, Hope all of you are doing well. I’m currently facing a dilemma on wheater to get into a new lease or wait till my current lease expires(3/2022) due to the market being bad or might get worse by next year.

At the moment I’m leasing a 2019 XC60 T6 Momentum with 23k overall mileage. This is a great SUV and my family loves it but I’m averaging around 20mpg and with the current gas market it’s slowly becoming unreasonable for me to own this vehicle. Around April I tried to sell the car to Vroom not realizing that they don’t accept Volvo leases. As far as I know, my only option is to go to a physical dealership and trade my current vehicle with a new lease.

I would love to hear from you expert hackrs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Depending on what your current payment is, it may end up being far less reasonable to get something else :frowning:


Keep it to maturation. Hopefully by then the market will have stabilized a bit.

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So what’s the replacement?

How much can you get the replacement for?

Can’t answer hypotheticals without specifics…

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The main question is what is the difference between what you’re paying now, what a new more fuel efficient vehicle payment will be, and how much more gas will cost if you keep the current car.

Most of the time the answer is to keep the less fuel efficient vehicle.


I was thinking to get a hybrid, i.e. Highlander, or RAV4. Both are going over MSRP in most of the dealerships I called in the tristate area.

Right now I’m paying $530/month. Looking to get something around mid $400 with 0 DAS. I can’t seem to find anything around that price atm. I heard it used to be that earlier this year.

I’d say,

Look at this …

Give you an idea as to what’s possible.

Venza is a good deal if you don’t need highlander room


It’s another 6 months to your lease end. How much money will you really save on gas vs. overpaying for a new car now? Keep it. I have the same car until next June and will try to extend.


Would you consider an EV?

Yeah, it makes sense. My only fear is that price will get even worse next year. Although no way to know for sure. I was just quoted for a Highlander Hybrid XLE low $600/month 0 DAS. One of my friend got the same car earlier this year for $490/month 0 DAS. It’s crazy how prices have changed so much.

Sure, which one are you thinking? lease or finance?

I was at one point thinking to get a model y. Bite the bullet think about long term.

Your option is to go to a physical Volvo dealer and trade it in on a new Volvo or buy it out and then sell it to whomever


DAMN! Really?

Why Me Crying GIF by Team Coco

Because it is FRAUD, apparently


Finance if you have total federal tax owed close to or more than $7,500. VW ID4 or other non-Tesla and non-GM EV

In NJ that would also mean 0 sales tax and an instant rebate of up to $5,000.

RAV4 Prime and other PHEV might get the federal credit but it won’t get the state


Yeah called VCFS, they said they changed the policy as of June 2021.

Vroom offered me 7k over the payoff. The only way I guess is to buy it off myself and then trade it in or go to a Volvo dealer.

Or keep till lease matures, which is most likely what I will have to do :frowning:

Once you buy it out, you can sell it to whomever you want. You will owe sales tax on transaction when you do buy it, so don’t forget to include that.

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VCFS mentioned the payoff quote already includes the sales tax, is that true?

I know you might not have the answer but has anyone dealt with Volvo recently?

Actually yes. That should be part of your payoff since you weren’t requesting 3rd party buyout amount

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I understand, I got the Highlander Hybrid Platinum earlier this year before things got crazy for $482/mo.

I love the vehicle and get about 33mpg.

Pricing is going to be tough though.

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