Should I take my leased X3M40xi's $10k over buyout to finance a 2019 Golf R?


I’ve been offered ~$10k over buyout on my leased 2021 X3M40xi by CarMax and Autonation. Payment is $630/month including tax on my remaining 21 months of a 36/12 and I’m on target with my mileage at about 15k miles on the clock. I can’t figure out whether it’s worth it to take the $10k and finance a 2019 Golf R with ~10k miles. All in it would be $50,258 with tax, so with the $10k down (from the $ over buyout) leaves me a $672 payment for 72 months.

Any wisdom on making financial sense on whether this is worth it?

Your buying a 3 year, almost 4 year vw golf r for 50k? Brand new they were in low 40s. Your better off getting a brand new one. Its your money, golf r is great but not 50k great.


What’s your purchase price and what was the original MSRP?

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I wouldn’t.


On this one I would keep driving th X3 and revisit in 6-12 months. Of all the things I might flip the equity into, that’s not it (even with the longer 6/72 factory warranty). Not for an even payment or that cost, hellz no.


$45xxx purchase price, similar MSRP.

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And you’re good with paying the original MSRP on a nearly 4-year old car?

Aren’t there some decent cars out there available for new at MSRP, even if you have to perhaps order it? Seems like that’s a better route to go. If you want high-ish powered and AWD, you can find a WRX for below MSRP. A WRX Premium would be far less than this 3-4 year old Golf R.


I would probably take the 10K but wouldn’t buy a golf with it.


Why not order a brand new 2022/2023 Golf R if that’s what you want? I can’t fathom paying $50k for a 2019 Golf R.

What does the Golf do that the X3M40 doesn’t? If you want a sportier car and don’t need 4 doors, get/order a M240xi, if you need 4 doors get the M340xi. I don’t understand the upside on spending above MSRP on a prev gen Golf R, that I believe has an inferior AWD system vs. the current model.

If you’re going to cash out equity and finance, I would sell the X3, and order something new @ MSRP:
Golf R (long wait)
M240xi, M340xi

In 72 months (six years) you’ll own a 9 year old Golf.


B/c of the infotainment system?

Although I agree that I don’t quite understand why someone would want to trade in a virtually new X3 m40 for a Golf R that’s several yrs old.

To the OP, how about a regular GTI? Most reviews I’ve seen indicate that the GTI is nearly as capable.

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45k is the 2022 msrp, iirc 2019 msrp was more like 40k.

Like the others have stated, this seems unwise. A used Golf R for 45k sounds insane to me compared to alternative options that require a bit of patience.

Respectfully, you might as well try to win an auction on on something more exciting like a used M-series BMW if you’re willing to overpay - OR try to get on a waitlist for the 2023 Golf R (which will be the 20th anniversary edition) and hang on to the X3 for now.

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2021 BMW m340 and 2019 Golf GTI owner here. The GTI is way more fun to drive but 50k!!! Get out of dodge.


A Golf R is way rarer than an X3 40i and a nicely bought R will hold value better than peak bubble BMW valuations.

That being said I’m sure you can find a better deal on the R?


What is the current buyout on the x3?

I’m curious how it compares to the Golf at the moment. My uneducated guess is that it is pretty close, and I have to wonder why the hell anyone would look at a ‘21 x340 and a ‘19 Golf at the same price with similar miles and say “oh yeah, Golf for me!”


It’s around $39k, $29k residual.

So you have a choice of a '21 X340m for $39k or a '19 Golf for $45k and you want the Golf? Am I reading this right?


Maybe bias but I’d take an X3 M40i every day ending in Y.


I don’t even understand how someone arrives at this choice


Golf R is cool, but an optioned brand new GTI makes more sense financially.

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Add my vote to the “don’t ever do this” category.
This sounds insane to me on every level except getting equity out of your lease.
Even though it has ~3 years (guess, could be less) of warranty left that golf R will be expensive to keep up out of warranty most likely and you will still have 3+ years left on the loan.
The market is not going towards small cars long term in terms of resale value (golf R might do ok…) and an out of warranty VW is kinda rough IMO.