Should I sell my 2019 SQ5?

Getting offers $11.5k over my buyout for 2019 Audi SQ5. I have a pretty hacker worthy deal… $508/mo incl tax after 9 MSDs w/ ~$2000 drive offs paid up front… 9 months left… right on target at ~25k miles (have 36k).

Almost swapped out for $2k over buyout a few months ago to snag one of the etron deals with Costco, but instead opted to get my wife a hacker worthy A4 deal. We could conceivably go to a 1 car household for a little while, but I have no idea how long this shortage is going to last. I can’t find ANYTHING I want at a reasonable price. That said, I’d like to cash in on $7k (after accounting for MSDs) of equity in my lease, as it seems a bit extreme even for this environment.

Thoughts? Someone please tell me I’m a moron for even considering keeping the car any longer…

Are you certain it’s 11.5k over your buyout? Audi financial uses different amounts for dealers than your buyout.


How much could you get a new one for?

It’s gotta be personal buyout price. The dealer buyout is usually much closer since VWC is pretty savvy about marking up the vehicle. Plus only a dealer can find out this value.

Yeah 11.5k over my personal buyout.

I suppose I could get into another SQ5 around $700 right now. Or wait a couple months and see if Costco comes back/things improve. But I can’t really drag out being a 1 car household for too long.

Try find a Audi dealer wants to match that offer and have them made sure that they will get the same buyout as you have. Worst case scenario at $7k, I’d just buy it out and eat the 6.25% tax, it’s like what, $2k? Still gotta pocket 5K, avoided headache and cost of returning the car.

And from another perspective, throw that 5k as “incentive” towards your next lease, see if that makes the lease hack worthy pre-pandemic. If yes then just call it a day and enjoy a new ride I recon. Or if you want to be “frugal” just get a semi-decent lease to get by. Then down the road you can either transfer or just sell the lease, depends on exact situation then. I guess there may be a small overlap period when you can get a decent lease but sell the lease at break-even if you time it well.

I would sell take the profit and hold tight until the market returns in your favor. If you could do without 1 car I would go in that direction.

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This is how I look at it. It’s really a wash. Leases are more expensive but I’ve also built a stupid amount of equity in my current car. When leases get better, that equity will most likely evaporate.

Are you an adult? If yes proceed with how you see fit.

If no then don’t sell your dads car.

One cannot assume it’s a wash. Do the math.

Yeah. It’s definitely not a wash. The problem is finding an adequate replacement vehicle in this environment, even if it’s temporary, at a palatable deal that I can get out of to rotate into something I actually want when things improve.

Hah. Fuck off.