Just Took Delivery! Audi SQ5 P+ Deal -- $508/mo after 9 MSDs

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Hey everyone. First off, I’d like to say that everyone in these forums has been insanely helpful. Think I inked a pretty good deal here. Took a few weeks of shopping and tons of back and forth between dealers. Couldn’t have done it without the contributions of forum members.

Deal was for a 2019 Audi SQ5 P+. Daytona Gray w/ Red Napa interior & carbon atlas inlays

**Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator: leasehackr.com/calculator?make=Audi&msrp=61290&sales_price=52096&months=36&mf=.00166&dp=0&doc_fee=459&acq_fee=895&taxed_inc=2500&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=59&reg_fee=135&sales_tax=6.25&memo=SQ5&acqFee_check=true&monthlyTax_radio=true&miles=12000&msd=9

**MSRP: 61,xxx
**Selling Price: $52,xxx
**Monthly Payment: $508
**Cash Due at Signing: $1527 for Acq, Doc, Title/Reg
**MSD: 9 (I thought you could do 10, but they seemed adamant that 9 was the max… Didn’t fight it.
**Incentives: $2500 total including loyalty

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 12k
**MF: .00163 (.00121 after MSDs)
**Residual: 59%

**Region: MA
**Leasehackr Score: 10.5


Great deal on a SQ5!

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Wow, best SQ5 deal I’ve ever seen.

Is that with Audicare included?

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No Audicare. There is a chance I end up returning this car without having done the 3rd service.

Also, unlike other S models, SQ5 doesn’t require spark plug replacement at 30k miles (it’s @ 40k), so there’s zero chance I end up incurring that costly service item :slight_smile:

You thinking you might trade it in once you break even on payoff?

I kind of regret getting my wife a Q7 with how good value the SQ5 is, but we need the extra seats sometimes. It’s also safer for her and the general public that she only has 329hp.


It’s possible-- Gotta see where the market is at. At this price, I’m planning to keep ~34 months until eligible for Audi pull ahead. Maybe try to negotiate something where they pull me out of it 3-6 months early. For now, just stoked with the car. Coming from 2016 Q5 P, this blows it away. Definitely safer for us all if your wife stays in the Q7.

Yeah my wife had the same generation Q5 and the interior difference between that and the new modern Audis is night and day.

I’m amazed SQ5’s are still so cheap to lease, we’ve seen quite a few deals over the last ~6 months but given how Audi normally controls pricing so strictly I would have thought they’d try and up sell people that are paying $600-700+ on a Q5 and put them in an SQ5. They keep letting SQ5’s sit until they are forced to discount heavily.

Long may it continue though.


This is at least $100 better than any deal I have ever seen. That discount is amazing! This is not for a demo car? Can you share the lease sheet so I can see all the details?

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Well done! Where in Mass? Prime Norwood or Audi Nashua?

Hey glad you finalized this deal! Enjoy the car!

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Congrats and that’s a helluva deal

Bravo! If you can show the lease sheet that would be awesome. Congrats and enjoy!!

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Unreal deal - awesome job. Would love to see the lease sheet on this one as well

Dealer info??

Interested in a similar deal. Sign me up

Nothing to regret, I have an sq5 and I got my wife a Q7, I actually like the Q7 a lot more for some reason.

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Wow 15% off on a 2019 pre incentive is incredible. Welcome to the SQ5 club!

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

I’m talking to some of the local dealers who were in the running about brokering a couple similar deals for others. Will keep everyone posted on the progress.

Also, will post the lease sheet soon. The finance manager was a nightmare to be honest and attempted to bury some items in the contract/not credit my 1st month as paid up front. The numbers actually turned out a little off, by a couple cents, from what they should be. But it’s ultimately a rounding error and I was done at that point. I’m just a bit meticulous with #s :slight_smile:


Wow impressive. Excuse my ignorance, I see you had to pay $1,527 as drive off, but how did you handle the MSD? Did you put down an additional 4,572 as a deposit?

Yes, that is how MSDs work. They are paid at the inception of the lease on top of any drive offs. Usually people don’t count them as actual drive offs since they are refunded.