Should I get the 2nd Mach-E?

I picked up my first of the Mach-E GT orders last week. So far so good. Second order coming in next week. I am on the fence about getting it or not.

MSRP= 66k.
Out the door cost (with tax and license etc) - 2k Ford Rebate = 72k.
(If I do claim the 7500 fed credit, this brings the cost to 64.5k)

Offers I have gotten:
Carbingo = 72k
Carbuyer = 72k

Everyone else is much below or they don’t want to make an offer because the car is too new. I have been told I can’t sell the car until I get the plates from CA DMV, which I don’t know how long it takes.

  1. From this standpoint, there is some money to be made. But what do you guys think? Worth the risk? This is the first time I’ve even considered flipping cars, so not sure what to expect.

  2. Would Ford have an issue loaning 2 expensive cars to me? Does any one know what Ford Motor credits acceptable debt to income ratio is?

Honestly not much meat on a GT unless you pay 0 tax and realize ev rebate.

I thought of getting one for daily use but id be 72k OTD on a 66k model. Mmr being 74k doesn’t leave much to be had.

I don’t understand why people living in Oregon to Delaware aren’t flipping these more often…

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Fun fact: Did you know even though DE has no sales tax, they have a 4.25% DOC FEE!


Lol. Still beats my 10.25% tax and 1.5% reg fee.

Damn you CA

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74k out of pocket, 72k check back…, “profit” is in the tax credit claim, which is 10 months out, will net 5.5k?

Tying up 2k money right now to collect at tax time…How you pay your federal tax is what would determine doing your flip in my opinion. If you pay lump sum or quaterly then id entertain the idea… but if its a w2 and taxes withheld per pay period, then I wouldnt bother

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I’d take it, price hikes are almost a certainty for the '23

Mmr doesn’t mean much when no one is offering you that much. Also this is leasehacker. We all do MSD just to save 10$ a month. Waiting 6 months to get the money back is no brianer

Maybe because they’re read Internal Revenue Code Section 30D that states “The vehicles must be acquired for use or lease and not for resale.”?

That being said, why not sell your 1st GT since you presumably have the title in hand and keep the 2nd one? Solves your timing and loan issues.


Do you have $15k in fed tax liability?

As for the loan issue… you can find out next week. If they deny you, no harm no foul.

Or NJ, no sales tax. I’m in the same boat, just picked mine up and wondering when I’m gonna start looking for offers. There is no info out there anywhere on actual value, it will be whatever a 3rd party wants to pay for it, but will require more than just typing in the vin.
I actually really like the car, but I also really like my 439 a month 4xE HA so I have no idea WTF I’m gonna do. If I really want another Mach E, it will be an order at the end of August with production starting in October, might get it by March 23?

Unfortunately, plates isnt here it (or even Ford account information). I’m not sure how long CA DMV is taking these days

Yeah thats not a problem.

Yes, i found out about that after I placed the Ford order. I would have definitely done that since I have family there

Go / Nogo time. Any opinions of folks here on purely getting the GT Mach-E for flipping?

If you can claim tax credit, do it.

Yes, absolutely. I can buy another 10 of these babys and still claim the tax credit but I feel at that point, someone from IRS might come knocking lol


Big diff. btw 2 & 10. You’ll be fine.

Received my CA DMV plates couple of weeks ago. Took 4-5 weeks.

Flip it for the tax credit. It is worth it.

So 75k tax burden? You’re in 400-500k income group.

How long as that taking? My first one has been here for 10 days but no sign of registration or plates so far.