Should I get the 2nd Mach-E?

I received my plates in about 10 days, back in July.

My 2021 tax liability is more than what 91% american households made in that year. Fun fact: I am not allowed to vote. Something something taxation without representation.

Anyways, back to the topic, I guess I’ll get it then.


It’s been 38 days for me (SoCal) and still no plates. HOWEVER, when I went to Carmax they were able to make an offer because they looked the car up electronically & saw . . . well, whatever they needed to make them happy!

Great. This means that the market shouldn’t change too much between now and when I can sell it

Yes it seems you need the permanent registration but not plates for selling the vehicle.

I did not get my GTPE for flipping, but it is an expensive car (for me) and since I still have my BMW i3, the main reason I purchased the Mach-e was the knowledge that if I decided I didn’t want it (for whatever reason) I would be able to get out of the deal.

You got these offers online? Without the plates?

And is this a GT or GTPE?

I meant I bought and picked up two new vehicles 6/30 and 7/1. Received the registration and plates in the mail 4-5 weeks later.

These are GT trims. I have another couple in the 68-70k range I got since then as well.

I got mine for exactly the same reason. Wanted to have something ‘fun’ to drive for a while. But honestly, im not feeling EV. Charging so far for me hasn’t been cheap. And compared to any other car I may have gotten (X3 etc), it seems much more expensive

I did a cost analysis for my sister of EV vs ICE, and EV always came out ahead. Admittedly this was 8 months ago, but she lives in an apartment & cant charge there, so I was comparing DCFC vs gasoline.
(And I was comparing a BMW i3 vs a 30MPG ICE vehicle.)

Would love to see that analysis. Mind sharing?

For me, I am saving $70/month on gas but the car itself is about $10K more (and the whole amount is taxed), so I’d need to keep it for 8-10 years to break even.

Here in CA, public charging is 40-50c / kwh. Home charging is not as straight forward but I am assuming 39c/kwh.

Plates for both of my Mach-E came in within 2 weeks. Very quick.

These prices are insane. Good 'ol CA

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oh yeah. My work has 16c but spots are really hard to find and I can’t consistently rely on those. Also, its a 70mi round trip to work so its pointless charging there

When I was in IL, it used to be 6c/kwh :frowning:

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Home charging is more complicated as I’ve gone solar and am on an EV plan. Based on estimated production for the warranty period (25 years), installation cost/Fed rebate/loan interest/etc, etc, etc. . .I’m paying $0.06 per kWh for solar electricity.
But I mostly charge at night at $0.1 per kWh. (more complicated reasons…)
Either way it’s much cheaper than gas.

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Whats the mi/KWH for the EV? My Ford gives me, AT BEST, 2.7mi/kwh. Most drives are 2.5-2.6mi/kwh. And this is at Whisper, which is the slowest mode. Put it on engage or unbridled, I hardly get 2.2-2.4mi/kwh

So, yeah, wheres’ the value?

You can get 4.3 mi/kwh? What ev you driving and do you only drive downhill?

THis whole thing is wrong man. I am trying to convince my landlord to install solar but even then, the cost comes to 13cents /kwh