“Should I buy out my lease?” super-thread

Best Friends

What are you thinking of doing? Too bad used car prices have dropped over the last few months - I think our decision would have been much easier.

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I’m considering the buyout.

I’m projecting the value of our cars to be about $20-22k after a few more years?

A new lease just seems “unfavorable” - since the monthly will be higher, and a “deal” as similar or as good to what we both got 2 years ago is highly unlikely.

Yeah leases are brutal right now. Twice the amount of $ for the same model we have now is just silly. Just keep it in good condition, stay low on the miles, and pray that the BMW gods don’t give throw a mechanical issue our way.

Can anyone confirm whether Volvo will allow you to extend lease? Have a 2020 V90 CC lease coming to maturation in a little over six months. Trying to figure out next move. Been super happy with the wagon, and unfortunately don’t think I’ll be able to get anything close to current deal. Wouldn’t mind extending when the time is right to buy a little extra time.

*Unless you have one on order or beg them really hard (no guarantee though).


All of us who signed 36 mo leases right as the pandemic was hitting are not wanting to give up the sweet deals we locked in :laughing:


I had to ask them 3 times, since I had a personal situation, they extended it by a month.

Option 1- VCFS has a lease ahead option, where they will waive upto 6 months of existing lease if you get a new car. I’m not sure how it works and it is on the VCFS website and you can call and check.

Option 2 is if you place an order for a new car and upload the doc, they will extend your lease till the date of delivery of the new car.


It’s worth either calling or chatting with them through the VCFS website. It continues to change, but when I asked this past summer the answer was no, unless

With an absolute maximum of 6 months. If your order was 7 months out, you were SOL after 6. But I would call or message to get the absolute latest from them.

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Seriously. It sucks that we aren’t able to extend the lease further than 2 months.

Is that what you are thinking of doing? Or just buy it out then sell it once prices become better for a new lease to get a deal close to or as good as back in 2019/202?

What do you think?

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I’m probably going to extend my lease for 1 month and if I’m still unsure what to do I’m going to extend it for another month. After that I will crunch some numbers…aka come back to this forum lol.

I’m hoping the leasing market gets better. I’m just not sure if I want to buy my current car + sales tax + current interest rates + a potential extended warranty. There will be more CPO options available in a couple months also.

I want to extend my 2020 m340i lease, but i don’t like the idea of paying for a full year of registration on it (like another 600 dollars)

My situation sucks because my m340i was in a somewhat bad accident. Was rear ended by someone while stopped and they did about 12K of damage to the car. Everything was fixed to spec, but it still hurt the value obviously.

My payoff on this 2020 m340i is around 34K. But with the accident I don’t think it’s worth it to buy the car.

My payment is only 580 including tax and this was a 61K sticker with no money down.

The situation pains me but I have to assume no one in here would buy a lease out that had a bad accident on it?

Correct. Just turn it in.

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Alrighty here well!! Just went ahead and extended the lease by 2-months. Praying prices get better by April 6th lol


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Hey All, thanks for all the info you are all providing. Very helpful. I posted in another thread but I think this one is more appropriate - sorry about double post. My lease ends in like a week and I honestly just don’t know what to do. Here are the details, would appreciate your opinions and guidance.

2019 Audi Q5 Premium Plus (Black)

  • 29k miles
  • 42 month lease ending this month (extended 6 months at 36)
  • payoff $25,150
  • It would be considered “Clean” on edmunds vehicle condition. Never had any issues or accidents. We take care of our car
  • Payment was 520+tax/fees monthly ($580 total)
  • Southern California

We were exploring larger cars as our family has grown (Palisade, Telluride, GV80, XC90, etc.) but monthly lease payments at the same original MSRP of our Q5 (low/mid $50k) seem to no longer exist. We know we will need a second car at some point in the next year or two, so maybe purchasing this car and having it be the “second car” might be the best choice. Just want to see what you all think as I haven’t been able to dig as deep as I would normally have with kids. :roll_eyes:

Thanks in advance.

Tough call here especially as you already extended out the lease for the 6 months as many of us are in the same boat from the great deals with these 2019-2020 leases.

Would consider the buyout but just keep in mind that there are taxes, fees, etc that get tacked on when processing the buyout and the upcoming financing so you’re looking more at $28-29k rather than $25,150.

2019 deals / prices are not what they were and much higher in the current market. :frowning:

Only 3-row that’s possible rn is the Pathfinder and maybe the Jeep GCL but apples to apples (at the same payment) you’ll find a better equipped Pathfinder.

Telluride and GV80 are finance only; lease programs are terrible.

@bourbonup1 go check out the GCL…jeep has stepped up their interior quality. You can get a decently appointed limited for this range.

In 2020 I leased my first vehicle, a 2020 Volvo XC90 T6. Monthly is around $600 and I’ve been pretty happy with it.

I spent a lot of time agonizing over details and hired a hacker.

Once the car arrived, it was great, but I don’t care about engine stuff. It was a new car and I hadn’t had one for 10 years, so everything was A-Ok with me.

What’s important to me are quality of life and safety features (360 camera, Auto braking, collision detection, good entertainment center console that is intuitive and easily navigable, children’s built in booster, easy access 3rd row and good trunk space)

My lease is coming up in June and I know it’s early, but what should I be thinking about for a new vehicle lease at that time? We love the space of a 7-seater SUV and have filled it up numerous times. I’d love to keep my monthly where it’s at, but I know the market has changed!

Which makes/models are the ones to look out for? I recall the Kia Telluride being the category winner, but I was steered towards Volvo for the lease price.

Any thoughts, advice? Just thinking ahead.

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If you aren’t set on pulling-ahead into another XC90, go drive all the three row SUV options and check the safety ratings and see what you like/hate. Sooner than later so you can watch the marketplace for deals.

If you are set on another XC90, even with a pull-ahead, now isn’t a good time to lease another one. Programs were much more favorable last month, and make sure you’re a Costco member in case there is a spring program (maybe/maybe not). If you aren’t a VCOA member to get A Plan, you’re six months too late to join, you need to be a member for a year, and A Plan is currently much worse than it was when you leased.

I suspect the consensus will be “don’t buy out this lease” either, since XC90s don’t historically hold that value well. I don’t see that changing in six months.

I read this post about redeeming the $7500 incentive with a VW/Audi lease and then "buying out the vehicle immediately to save on the hefty finance charges ".

I am super new to leasing so pardon all the dumb questions. Can someone help me understand this? I looked at Audi’s website, I see the MSRP, the $7500 deduction, some of those fees for documents etc but I don’t see a variable for MF or “Interest”. So I am not getting where I am paying the finance charges here.

Here is the breakdown I am seeing for Q4e/36/10k:
MSRP: 57,790
Lease Bonus: 7,500
Due at signing: 0
Taxes & Fee: 2150 (Up-front: 482, DMV fee: 688, Documentation fee: 85, Acquisition Fee: 895
First month payment: 1054
Eat Adjusted Cap Cost: 53,494

Fineprint: Total monthly payments equal $37,944. Due at signing includes $4,297 capitalized cost reduction, a required security deposit of $0, and first month’s lease payment of $1,054.