Short term rental/subscription from SIXT

This is for an i5 with 1k miles/mo.


I think it is good option for short term solution.

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On the i5 the only pickup locations were Ft Lauderdale and Houston.

If I remember correctly biz accounts get free protection

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Doesn’t look bad at all, no?

The i5 perhaps as long as it comes with some basic packaging like premium and driver pro

The I5 is now $100 more a month then when it was in April – At that time, @Buddyleecia worked out a full quote $1022/mo including basic protection. So probably $1122 now. Does not seem so great. Also, only offered in limited locations.

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Better be an i7 for that!

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Interesting- the i4 is showing free to increase miles to 2,000 per month.

Total with tax, excluding insurance, is $897 with $99 enrollment fee.

If Chase or Amex rental car insurance could cover it, not a bad way into a high mileage, flexible lease.

Almost a viable financial solution to my mileage overage with wear and tear and gas expenses.


Sixt is BS. A subscription that is advertised at $1,119 prices out at $1,800 including the enrollment fee, taxes, and “airport fees” - with only 1k miles included. Add’l driver (spouse) extra. This on an off season non electric car in Florida. Absurd.

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