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Gonna have to disagree, while I’m not a Porsche expert by any means, the difference between the gt3 and turbo is insane, they are completely different cars. the gt3 is a pure track focused car whereas the turbo s is a straight line beast but also doesn’t lack in the handling or track department either. To then compare these to a c2s is a joke.

There is no minimal difference here however the cost is something that can’t be denied, one can definitely argue against the difference in price between the different models and whether it’s worth it. The turbo is probably what a $2500 car? At that price point you are in 570/600lt range i.e exotics.

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Can you send link/sheet?
Thanks! Located in Socal

Please send me spreadsheet thanks.

Please send me your spreadsheet!

Interested in your spreadsheet

Do you still have white available?

Anyone know the right person to talk to about a Tundra lease in Nor Cal?

Have a 2017 Audi A7 $849 a month lease is up June 2021 i believe we are alotted 9,000 miles left. Located on Long Island if interested

I’ve mentioned this a few times on the board in the past…a nice intermediate solution to your dilemma is to get the 330, save a bundle and pop a juicebox (JB) on it. It certainly will not turn to 330 into an M340, but acceleration wise for the lower speeds around town, it won’t be that far off. A 440i with a $199 JB will make an M340 sweat.

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What is this JB that you speak of. Enlighten us plz

@mani_is_kool check out

Stock B58 340i on 91 octane dyno with JB+ tuner added

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:thinking: hmmm will definitely look into this. Is the same one compatible for the 530i ?

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Thanks bud.

It is literally the easiest modification you can do to your car. It takes longer to fill the tank up with gas than to put this thing on or take it off :slight_smile:

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If I do, do I get a Civic type r under invoice?

Currently out of Type R’s unfortunately guys and gals!

Hi any good GMC Acadia deals?

Any good GMC deals?

You’re a week late :slight_smile: