Share Tips: Bmw i3 $80/month incl tax effective $0 DAS

If you qualify for CVRP and college grad, please hack these i3 deals:

Assume 11% off MSRP on a 49k MSRP
$7500 lease credit
$3000 loyalty
$1000 OL
$1000 grad

$3500 DAS + 7 MSD

You can recover DAS from post sale rebate:
$2500 CVRP
$1000 SCE


oh damn it’s time to find the i3 deals again. Just verified that loyalty is $3000!


These cars should now be sub $200 for anyone with loyalty with little to no negotiation effort✔️

Excitedly showed my wife as her lease is ending soon and have thought about going electric since her commute is short, heavy downtown traffic. She gave me one of the most “are you joking” looks when I showed her what the car looks like.


But seriously, amazing deal. I’d be on one if I actually drove anymore.

Who wants to cosign for me for that loyalty :sweat_smile:

I am on my last month of my second i3 . Looks like 3rd will be on the horizon.

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Seriously great deal. If we didn’t have remaining payments on our X1 we would have snagged one.

There’s a new one here that’s been sitting I could probably get for a stupid low payment on a one-pay. If only it wasn’t so…i3…


I test drove one the other day. It’s quick enough that I could live with it.

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Just FYI to those trying to replicate this: no BMW loyalty, OL code, and grad results in additional $150/month.

It’s obvious in the original post, but some don’t know and demand dealers to replicate, without qualifying for the incentives.


does minicooper count?

And you must qualify for CVRP as well. If not that’s another $100 per month.

This is a hypothetical deal not a done deal so please do not PM me for dealer contact.


If I get someone to cosign for loyalty who does not qualify for cvrp but I do can I still apply?
Or does he disqualify the lease entirely?

You dont need to co-sign . just register at someones address who has a BMW. give them a nice steak dinner later on

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Problem is the person I want to use lives in a different state.

OL should not be an issue. Most CA dealers have OL events once a month, but they mostly give you $500, not the full 1k. I’d say OP was lucky but 500 shouldn’t make or break it.

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Register at my address. Fee : $500. Deal?

Lol maybe. Where are you located?

61% RV? What is BMW smocking?

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They just sat down at the poker table, went all in on their first hand with a 2, 7 and 9.