Selling To Autonation (Online Offer) - Logistical Questions

Hey Folks!

Just received a really terrific offer from Autonation on a leased car of mine leased through GM Fi.

For those who have received offers online from them…

Has anyone either had them pickup the car or paid to ship it? Or, does it need to be dropped at any autonation dealer.

Is there a central line to call to discuss details? Or, just the dealer who is listed on the offer?

My hopes are I can sell it to autonation since they have Chevy dealers in family.

Thanks in advance!


@Qbrozen sold his LT1 to them. you go there, they inspect it and cut you a check on spot I believe


Just curious if there’s a way to do it remotely. No autonation stores in New England.

Closest is Mt Kisco

you’ll have to go there. no way to do remotely

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Woof. OK thank you!


I believe the offer is tied to a store since a human at a store is making the offer and it’s not fully algo.

That said, I’d just call the local store and ask the desk manager if they can honor.



So I thought the same but it says to bring the certificate to any store

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Yes, you could bring it to a closer store, if there is one. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a choice. It was well worth driving the 80 miles, though, since there were $3k higher than anybody else.

Thank you!

Closest store is 3 hours which I’m totally fine with as long as everything is kosher

They offered me $57000 for the Corvette which has a payoff of $41653

I just want to make sure I’m not driving 6h round trip to be disappointed but also, after GM Fi discontinues sales to non GM stores effective tomorrow, can I truly take it to any autonation store regardless of brand. I’m hoping they have the internal infrastructure to finagle this one.

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Maybe see if local Chevy dealers will match?

Definitely will but I think Autonations reach gives them so much buying power.

Of course I’ll do that before driving 6h lol

Got it. I would highly rec selling to them. I brought my truck in filthy and with 1,000 extra miles on the clock and they still honored the offer.


That’s amazing thank you

If this works out, I’ll gladly buy lunch for a couple of members who live close by

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They also don’t have a selection on their estimator for transmission and it defaulted to automatic

I don’t imagine that will affect much

AutoNation is coming for CarMax and Carvana.

130 dedicated used store target.

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Ask em if they’ll take an LT1 as a package deal. I can’t seem to give the thing away. We can split the equity :wink:

No kidding? I’m trying to line up another right now

Tagged to a gorgeous incoming unit but programs dont lock so it’s “mine” but deal isn’t done until on the lot and signed

Yeah I’m kind of shocked. Haven’t been able to get within $500 of my buyout. I love the thing, it’s just not practical right now after some unforeseen life changes and I’ve been eating up mileage as of lately. Definitely hope to order a stripped down model with a manual next year if the programs hold up.

How about a lease transfer???

Yeah I have someone interested, just preferred the convenience of selling. Looks like that will be the option moving forward though

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