Selling my leased Ford Explorer to Carmax/Carvana

Hello all,

I have a 2017 Ford Explorer Sport with 59k Miles on it. I extended the lease twice but need to return it today unless I want to extend it again which I can.

Carmax and Carvana want to give me 3k more than my payoff but upon going in-person to sell it to them, they told me Ford won’t allow them to get a payoff to buy it out.

I’m pissed about it but I guess it is what it is.

Can I do anything to get the equity out of it outside of exercising the lease-purchase?


This has been discussed many times already. Search the forum


The hint is in bold. As Max said, answered many times recently



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@TypeSH for the win! Simple and to the point. Thanks for being awesome.

I’m sorry to the others but I don’t have unlimited amounts of time to peruse the forums for an answer especially for something so simple…“no”.

No need to apologize to us if you don’t want to put in the time to search and possibly unlock your equity. It’s not a yes or no answer

And there are more…

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