Selling leased car from Infiniti Finance

I have a question about selling a leased vehicle. I live in FL and have a 2018 Infiniti Q50. I am moving and won’t be able to take the vehicle with me. There are 5 months left on the lease and I am way under the miles. I put in a quote with Carvana. They messaged me back and said they cannot buy cars leased through Infiniti Finance. I called Carmax and they told me the same thing. Both seem to be willing to pay more than I owe on the car.

Is this specific to Infiniti Finance? Any advice on how to sella car leased through Infiniti Finance?

A lot of recent posts trying to sell an Infiniti lease… here’s one below, but you’ll find a lot more if you search the forum. GLWT

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Carmax definitely buys Nissan/Infiniti. I just sold a lease to them last week. You may have just gotten a newbie or someone misinformed. I would go in person.

I was recently considering this too… I’ll be following.

Carvana is offering me about $400 over buy out. The difference is minimal but I was wondering I’d then save on the lease disposition fee, and possibly not have to owe any money if the tread on the tire was low. Plus I can get into something new quicker. I am located in NJ - Not sure if this makes a difference.

Depends on vintage of your lease is my understanding. At some point - 2019? - they added “will not sell to third party dealers” to the standard agreement. VW did the same. Volvo too I believe.

Reducing the optionality on leases seems to be the inevitable future. Before that it was dealer payoffs higher than your payoff.

Check out ALGo (AutoLendersGo). I was about to sell my 2018 Q50S to them with a 4-5k profit then the turbos decided to crap out…

Aren’t you still under warranty?

Yeah, car is at the dealer. Seems to be a pretty common issue apparently. Maybe Common enough to not consider buying an out-of-warranty turbo model…

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