These guys are great, highly recommend. I had a decent buyout price in my BMW m440 lease but if I had to pay sales tax it would have wiped all of that equity out. Instead of just turning it in to the dealer and paying a disposition fee I was able to drop the car off to DNA and they provided an equity check on the spot. Super easy and well worth it since just about no one else can do third party buyouts anymore. Would definitely use again!

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Appreciate the review! Your M440i was in perfect condition and happy we could put this one together.

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Hi I have a 2021 Mazda3 with 18k miles on it leased through Mazda Financial Services lease ends in Jul, that I’m trying to get out of.

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Sure please send us the vin and miles! You can PM us here or send us an email, Dna.autowholesale@gmail.com

just sent you an email !

Sent you a PM yesterday. Thanks!

Sold my 2016 bmw 340 to DNA 2 weeks ago. Adam gave me an offer I couldn’t say no to. Process was super easy and quick and he even got me an uber back home! Would definitely recommend getting in touch with DNA if you’re looking to sell!

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Hi - I sold my 2021 Suburban - the offer was amazing - they came to my house, gave me a check, drove off with the car and a week or two later the lease payoff note came from GM. This was so easy - i highly recommend giving them a call.

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Thank you for the positive review!

These guys are good! Picked my car same day I talked to them. Lease bought out. Thank you!

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Just emailed you about a possible trade :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

All PMs replied!

Text sent to you

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All PM and txts replied!

Thanks to Dylan @DNA for the easy and prompt buyout off my leased Hyundai Sonata 2021 sel.

All the best,


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How do I know if my lease has positive equity?

Thanks Alex, pleasure doing business. The car was just as nice as you described it. :+1:

Please dm is the vin and miles and we can look into it for you. Thanks