Seeking Guidance on Audi Q8 e-tron Lease Strategy


Dear community,

I’m nearing the end of my BMW i3 lease in March 2024 ($330/month) and am eyeing the Audi Q8 e-tron premium plus as a potential replacement. I have a few questions and would really value your input:

  1. Custom Order Timing: For a custom-built Audi Q8 e-tron, when should I place the order to ensure timely delivery by March 2024?
  2. Incentives and Discounts: What are the typical incentives and discounts for the Q8 e-tron? I’m currently aware of a $7,500 EV Credit, $5,000 Audi Customer Credit, and $1,000 Audi Regional Customer Credit. Are there other offers to consider?
  3. Custom Order vs. Dealership Inventory: Would it be more beneficial to custom order now or wait until next year to pick from the dealership inventory for potentially better deals?
  4. Target Discount in Midwest: What should be the target discount for a lease in the Midwest?

You can see my current i3 lease has a favorable payment, so I wouldn’t mind overlapping the leases if I can get the Q8 e-tron at a good price.

Looking forward to your advice and experiences, especially from those who have navigated a similar situation.

Thanks in advance!

It’s going to be a massive jump from your i3 payment, hope you’re prepared for that.

Today’s discounts and rebates (subject to change) can be found in Share Deals & Tips and Marketplace

Best deal is going to be dealer stock

Incentives ending tomorrow: Costco. $1500. You should open a PenFed account. After 60 days, that can turn into $750 incentive.

And this month $1000 EV Ride and Drive.

No one can predict future incentives (and interest rates). Historically, seems that best Audi programs are in Q4.

Consider hiring a broker: Sam @autopia is awesome.

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Brokers in SoCal are offering the 2024 Q8 etron premium for around $750/mo effective before taxes for 24/7500. They’re all on the ground, unlike the BMW i4s which seem to be mostly custom order. The Q8 etrons comes well optioned, and you typically just have the trims - premium, premium plus, and prestige.

These are 2024s that are already discounted 10% or so. We lose Costco tomorrow (or today?), but it seems like there has been some sort of incentives for the last few months to keep the overall lease costs about the same. I don’t think you need to overlap your leases.

I understand that the $300ish payment will no longer be a reality. I would be happy if doubling my i3 payment could get me the Audi…

Goot to know about PenFed. Will see how I can get one!

Seems that Sam @autopia serves mostly the west coast?

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Isn’t there a 10% innovator discount (not stackable with Costco)? Perhaps that may still be valid in March.

Here’s where we find our current captive bank data and incentives: 2024 Q8 e-Tron Lease Questions and Purchase Prices - Page 4 — Car Forums at

Keep in mind, the $7500 Audi lease cash is not guaranteed to be there and neither is the Audi National Customer Credit $5000 (that’s listed to exp 11/30/23, but has been renewed the last several months)

Is that achievable in today’s Marketplace ?

Maybe yes in west coast/east coast. But in the midwest Marketplace I didn’t see any options… Maybe @autopia ? I saw an old ad dated to 2021 in the Midwest Marketplace section.

10% Innovator cant be stacked with anything other than the lease cash from AFS.(and every dealer that will use that is going to mark up rate 40 points).

I have one car that I just posted on our Audi page, and can do out of state deal on it.

Last day to contract with Costco Certificate (if already issued)

In stock
5.5% off MSRP,
no broker fee

2023 Audi E-tron GT
Tactical Green/Brown
Premium +, Exec package, Full leather, Performance package
MSRP: $120,415
With Costco

Due on signing: $6,000
Monthly: $604+tax
Monthly with MSDs: $531+tax

Due on signing: $6,100
Monthly: $754+tax
Monthly with MSDs: $683+tax

Please text us at 323-918-5533 and ask for Youn

While the E-tron GT is surely a very interesting car, I would prefer a larger Q8 e-tron to haul my kid to/from day care :laughing:

Unfortunately we did not get the Costco Certificate previously - now on Costco the promos are on other brands.

For potential future Q8 e-tron that you would have, does out of state deal mean shipping from west/east coast?

Yes- from California. and would need you to text us at 323-918-5533
and can share more details.

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Despite having 4.5 months remaining on my i3 lease, the allure of the Q8 e-tron was irresistible.

Check out the full details of the deal here: SIGNED: 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron - $780/mo, $780 DAS, $7200 MSDs

Initially, I consulted @autopia and Youn for assistance. However, the out-of-state options didn’t quite match the attractiveness of the original deal in California. This led me to explore local opportunities in the Chicago area.

After reaching out to around 5-6 dealerships, I finally found one that came close to my expectations. The deal is comparable to @autopia’s offer in California, and I believe I have every reason to be pleased with it.