S90 T8 Deal Closed


It is what it is- believe what you want. But good luck getting exactly 6% off MSRP as the base A-Plan price. You should assume the dealer is cheating you and post that when you don’t get the full 6%.


It isn’t 6%, technically it is whatever the A plan pdf says. It lists the A plan price for the car and packages.

V90 CC T5 Lease Offer

The base A-Plan price is printed on the invoice. It’s the invoice amount, then incentives and A-Plan bonus are deducted, the end.


Can you fix your quotation so I can respond in kind?
A-plan VIP cannot be “gifted” just to anybody. There are two VIP E-pins. One is for the employee and members of the household. The other one is for immediate family (includes step children, in-laws, siblings, spouse’s siblings, etc). F-pin for “friends & family” qualifies for Elite, not VIP. As an alleged long time Volvo employee you should know that.

Dealers always include advertising in their invoice and will not remove it. A-plan price does not include advertising fee and when you use a-plan - your sales price is based on the invoice without advertising minus all incentives. What’s so hard to comprehend?


Wrong. See below:


Volvo Car USA Employee’s Friends and Family (F PIN) – THIS IS AN A-PLAN ELITE PIN – SEE ABOVE
SEE ABOVE under Customer Eligibility

Retailers will be automatically paid the Noncash Lease Credit.
You stated below, which is not the case here.


Reading and comprehension problem? Maybe check with your “horse’s mouth.” How many VIPs have you done, expert?


I read straight from the bulletins, genius :grin:


Please post what your seeing in the bulletins, Einstein…


Just read 2 posts above. And don’t take it personally - you can’t be right all the time unless you state facts.


I do take it personally when I take unnecessary, arrogant, condescending cheap shots. I’m here to assist people, especially regarding Volvos or other issues I have experience with. You seem to like to find the slightest flaw or something you can find and make an issue out of it. That’s a waste of time and points towards your know-it-all arrogance.

  • you said earlier “VIP is for Volvo employees, I think.” I said it’s rare and includes non-Volvo employees. Your response “Don’t mislead. It is for Volvo USA employees and their family members.” I ask you how “rare” is misleading and get crickets. I post a screenshot from Volvo’s A-Plan website showing VIP PIN holders can be “Selected individuals sponsored by Volvo Cars employees such as an extended family member (other than those identified as “immediate family members” or friends” and you’re telling me that’s Elite and you “read from the bulletins.” I’ve got the bulletins as well. Here’s the part you missed, Mr. Bulletinreader:

Volvo Car USA VIPs – (W PIN)
Any Customer with a “W” PIN (not F PIN) are eligible for the A-Plan VIP offer and do not need to provide proof of eligibility. The same model eligibility, bonus amounts and Negotiation-Free A-Plan pricing applies.

All supporting documentation must also match the information on the PIN. It is the retailer’s responsibility to validate a customer’s eligibility by requesting acceptable proof of eligibility, name, address, ownership, etc. If Volvo Car USA determines a customer is ineligible for incentive(s), chargeback will occur. In addition the customer must provide a valid A-Plan PIN number prior to delivery.

  • I asked you to differentiate between “non-cash lease credit” and rebate. Your response is what Volvo labels it. Six of one, half dozen of the other. Your wasting a lot of time splitting meaningless hairs.

The $5,002 “non-cash lease credit” applies to the drive-off, just like the rebates, in line 6b like you said. It is paid to the dealers, just like every incentive I can think of. Where’s the news here? What is “not the case” about “towards your drive-off (including MSDs)”?

Do you still think the A-Plan base price is 6% off MSRP, or are you satisfied that it’s not yet? Did you notice the invoice I posted showing the base A-Plan price includes advertising and charity? Did you notice the except from the A-Plan website that I posted (#83) showing the calculation including advertising?



W pin is for high level Volvo employees, I’d think since it is called “Volvo Car USA VIPs – (W PIN)”, so I did not mention it.
Your statement “Name the employer that qualifies you for A-Plan and I can tell you if it’s Elite or VIP” is wrong since only Volvo USA employees can generate VIP pin. But lets agree that Volvo USA employees can generate VIP pins for relatives or people in the same household with a proof. But not for everyone they want.


Sorry- incorrect. If you have the Affinity Tools link in the A-Plan website (see below):

You can click on it and look up A-Plan employers, customers’ PINs, and other stuff (see below):

Let’s say I look up Google as a Partner. This is what I get. Notice is says “A-Plan Elite:” From this page, I can email an invitation to join A-Plan directly to the customer. Saves them having to hack HR.


Anybody seeing decent S90 T8 deals on the leftover 2018’s, examples?


nah, the residuals dropped off a cliff and the earlier incentives are all gone. gotta wait for the 2019s