S90 Deal - Need advice

I have been leasing a BMW for several years and am familiar with their leasing. Wife is interested in getting an S90 this time and wanted to know what you folks thought about this lease
MSRP 61940
Selling Price - 53193
Acquisition - 695
Tax & Title - 480
MF - 0.00020
Monthly - 603
Monthly + tax = 661

The other option is a BMW 4 series which I can lease for around the same monthly (660 for an almost fully loaded, MSRP 63000 ). Also considering a E300, if it is in the same range. Saw a car with MSRP of 68000, have not checked what it will lease for.

OK, just checked my local dealer’s discounts - it’s $5,450 (Price includes freight & Volvo/Saab Loyalty Bonus) + ($2,000 + $3,713 lease cash) = $11,163 off MSRP without negotiation. $535/mo incl. $695 acquisition with 53% residual
On Volvo website - it’s $5,950 lease cash, so I think you can get better selling price.

No security deposit required. Monthly payment of $499, based on $56,490 MSRP of 2017 S90 T6 AWD Momentum with Vision Package and Metallic Paint, includes destination charge and application of $2,000 Non-Cash Credit Equivalent to Complimentary All Wheel Drive, $1,950 Non-Cash Credit Equivalent to Complimentary Vision Package and $2,000 Lease Bonus. Lessee is responsible for excess wear and mileage over 10,000 miles/year at $0.25 / mile. Exclusions may still apply.

Similar E Class would lease under 600 - I leased $63,765 vehicle for $542 pre tax with only first payment due at signing. Used max MSDs.

S90 is close - $535/mo based on their listed discount and no MSD.

Thanks Ursus.

Wow Jason, Pre tax 0.85% of MSRP with 0 down and max MSD. That looks like a great deal. I will check with my dealer here. BMW that I have leased until now (new model year cars) has always been between 0.91% to 0.95% of MSRP with 0 down, maximum MSD and corporate fleet discount.

The Volvo S90 deal I have comes down to 0.97% pre tax, but I can go ahead and try to get to the same range as BMW, which is 100$ off monthly :slight_smile:

Sat in the S90 at the Detroit auto show industry day. I’d take that car in a heartbeat over a similar benz or BMW. I’m surprised it’s leasing that well!

I am in a high registration fee/doc fee state as well (over $1,300 on my deal). It was an end of year deal, but others posted similar. Just anecdotal, but I don’t think they are selling amazingly well (don’t see too many on the road and dealer websites seem to have high inventory levels) and with new 5 series, there are likely deals out there. I didn’t use fleet, but I believe there is $1k on the E300, which would have been nice. You can get Mercedes fleet through a bunch of professional organizations (American Bar Association, American Medical Assocation, American Institute of CPAs, etc.). With fleet and lower registration fees/doc fees, I think $500 pre-tax is probably possible on E300, which is great value in my opinon.

I also like the S90 as a whole, but couldn’t get past the rear end. Also, generally found Volvo dealers to be difficult to work with (not much competition in my area). Ton of car if you can get the S90 in low 500s.

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Where are you located?

Seattle, but often lease from Portland, OR

Keep us up to date on what you do. We don’t see many Volvo deals around here.

There was plenty of activity last year between March - August.

Hi Jason, Do you have any suggestions on the $500/mo lease of an e-class. That would be unbelievable considering it’s a new car. Same goes for the S90. Both of those cars interiors are works of freaking art. Seriously, both Volvo and MB really upped their game.

Plugging it into the calculator, about 13.5% discount, $1,000 fleet, max MSDs (10), would get you to about 500 pre-tax with acq fee, doc fee and registration rolled in (assuming those are California-esque), on a $63,500 car.

Picked up the $66,105 MSRP T6 Inscription in December with worse incentives.

$1000 drive off, $608/mo including tax.

Where are you located and could you share all of the details of your deal? I went to Volvo of Bellevue and they gave me a "deal’ that was nearly $200 over what the Volvo website showed. I am seeing so many real deals online based on what others paid.

MSRP $66,105
Sale Price was roughly $58,800
$2000 Lease incentive + $3000 Conquest Incentive
MF: .00021
Residual: 53%

Where is this kind of conquest? Never seen anything like it.

It was for coming out of a competitors lease. Looks like its been replaced with $3713 “Volvo Allowance”

Volvo never had $3K Conquest, you probably misunderstood it. Volvo Allowance is different and is in addition to Conquest/Loyalty, if any.