Rumor: US EV credit to increase to $10,000

Which is really where it should go at this point


There is another bill in markup I’ve been watching. This is one of at least 2 bills, possibly 3, so still TBD.


The news made mention of the fact that this infrastructure deal has no entitlement spending. Highly unlikely we will see rebates included in this deal. :frowning_face:


Which ones are those?

Because you already got your $7,500 lol



If you look at the Chairman’s mark, starts on page 26

On the House-side, Peter Welch’s Electric Car Act announced this back in Feb

has gone no where, odd considering how allegedly powerful the Energy Commerce committee is

who don’t seem in a rush to markup that bill?

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I certainly am not going to say no to them throwing money at me, but there really isn’t any reason why the gov should be subsidizing people like me leasing a $75k luxury vehicle.


If you build it, they will come.

Without that incentive would you have switched?

I already was looking at EVs. I wouldn’t have jumped quite so soon (although that’s a result of a lot more than just the $7500), but I was planning on probably going EV next.

We all will at some point. But the incentive did just what it was designed to do - to get you to get an EV.

I don’t think it’s designed to only get poor people to convert to EVs because the rich are just dying to do it on their own.

To what end though? Getting me to move to an EV 1 year sooner doesn’t really justify $7500 of income redistribution. That’s a lot of money spent on very minimal gain.

Investing that money into infrastructure so that more people can even consider an EV as an option would seem to be a better approach to mass acceptance, which is the only thing that’s going to do much good.

There’s also the whole issue of what’s going to happen to our infrastructure if they actually are successful in getting mass ev adoption.

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Different problems :slight_smile:

I’m not saying you’re wrong in identifying the problems. I’m just saying the incentive to buy an EV worked. Now the idiots have to decide how to fix the infra. And btw it’s not just build out of infrastructure. It’s also about having a set of standards.

Well, there’s 2 different topics when we’re talking infrastructure here… there’s having available chargers, and I agree that having a standardized charging system makes sense (I can’t see Tesla winning that battle), but there’s also the overall electrical grid to supply the power. Any sort of significant level of EV adoption would be a major burden on the current electrical infrastructure in most of this country.


The good news is much of the charging can be backed by solar in much of the country during the early day during non-peak demand (e.g. not 4-9pm), or at homes overnight where there is excess capacity. Additionally, charging demand is predictable and controllable. You can incentivize people to avoid charging at peak hours. I don’t think the grid will be nearly as challenged with EV adoption as it is with peak-weather events.

does anyone know? Ordered the model y but will take ownership once the rebate is approved.

Can’t justify spending $10k more

Checking now…for $9999 she can tell us…

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Then you are going to wait a LONGGGGGGG time.

There’s a rumor of $10k/$12.5k / $0k, and currently $0k is in the lead.


Yes, I was very excited that Biden held that event today at the Texas Gigafactory and praised tesla for being a leader in American Engineering and called on Tesla to dominate the EV market and told a story about how him and Musk always look out for the working man and nominated Musk for the award of American of the year…

Nah - that didn’t happen. He was in Detroit and called on the UAW and Mary Barra@GM to please take my subsidies … he called the ex UAW president the man who built America…


Looking forward to 99 Bolts and 199 F150 lightnings soon. Yeahah Detroit made, UAW proud = $12k EV credit … The rest will pound sand…

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