Rue La La: Score a new Volvo XC90 with Volvo Employee Pricing, plus a $1,000 Volvo Affinity Bonus

Rejoice - looks like there is something that looks like the A-plan, but it is not, from Rue La La


  • Volvo Employee Pricing, plus $1,000 Volvo Affinity Bonus.
  • $150 Rue La La Credit.


  • For a limited time only, select Rue La La Members can receive Volvo Employee Pricing and an additional $1,000 Volvo Affinity Bonus on select new Volvo cars and SUVs. Plus, you’ll receive a $150 Rue La La Credit after purchase.
  • Enjoy total savings of up to $7,300 on the 2018 Volvo XC90.
  • The XC90 exudes subtle and modern Scandinavian design for understated luxury at every turn. Sleek leather interior? Check. Safety features including a 360-degree SurroundView camera? Also check. Driving never looked so stylish.
  • The standard 9” Sensus Touchscreen is the control center of all new Volvos, and it’s as easy and intuitive to use as any tablet. Plus, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow you to connect your smartphone with your car for a safer driving experience.
  • Stellar sound? Guaranteed. The XC90’s Bowers and Wilkins sound system is capable of recreating the aural experience of being in the famous Gothenburg Concert Hall.
  • The XC90 offers legendary Volvo comfort to all seven passengers, and the stadium seating configuration means everyone has a great view for your next family trip.
  • Drive confidently with advanced technology and safety features. With standard Pilot Assist Semi-Autonomous technology and City Safety Autobraking, the XC90 is always looking out for you on the road.


  • Validity: November 8 – December 31, 2018. Members must claim their Volvo PIN by November 22, 2018, and redeem toward the purchase or lease on an eligible Volvo by December 31, 2018. Limit two (2) Volvo PINs per membership for members in the same household. Taxes are not included. Offer is valid at authorized Volvo dealership only. Offer is non-transferable and valid for recipient only.
  • How to redeem: Add the offer to your cart. To reserve your Volvo Employee Pricing and Exclusive Offers, proceed by clicking “Reserve Now.” You will receive an email with a unique PIN code. Learn more about your exclusive offer and find the Volvo that’s right for you. Bring your unique PIN code to an authorized Volvo retailer and redeem on the purchase or lease of an eligible new Volvo by December 31, 2018. Enjoy your exclusive perk, and drive off in style!
  • Have any questions? A Volvo Concierge can assist with any questions on this exclusive offer at 1 (800) 283-0117.
  • Restrictions apply. Take vehicle delivery from available dealer stock by December 31, 2018. Not compatible with some other offers. Offer is non-transferable and valid for recipient only. Total savings includes discount from MSRP, Volvo Allowance and Volvo Affinity Bonus. Volvo Employee Pricing is negotiation free and approximately 6% off MSRP. Visit for complete offer details.
  • European specification vehicle shown. Vehicle shown with optional equipment at an additional cost.
  • To qualify for the Volvo X Rue La La RSVP Offer, you must 1) be a current Rue La La Member by November 1, 2018; 2) request a Volvo PIN on the exclusive, invite-only Volvo X Rue La La Offer page by November 22, 2018; 3) present your Volvo PIN to the dealership at the time of visit; and 4) purchase or lease an eligible, new 2018 or 2019 Volvo S90, V90, V90 Cross Country, XC90 or XC60 between November 8, 2018, and December 31, 2018.
  • By requesting a PIN, you are opting in for communication from Volvo.
  • Excludes T8 plug-in hybrids. This offer is not compatible with some Volvo offers, including the “A-Plan by Volvo.”
  • Only one (1) Volvo PIN allowed per vehicle. Limit two (2) Volvo PINs per Membership for Members in the same household.
  • For Rue La La Credit eligibility: Purchase or lease an eligible vehicle from an authorized Volvo retailer through the Volvo X Rue La La RSVP Offer; certain restrictions apply. Rue La La Credit is not redeemable for cash.
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Ordered mine :slight_smile:

For @KD6-3.7 - so we can all finally agree on 6% (hopefully)

That is an interesting one :thinking:

So it is NOT the a-plan, so no a-plan cash. But there is still $1K from Rue La La, which is even better on non-S90/V90

Pin has arrived.

Post the numbers so we can replicate :slight_smile:

I don’t even know why I got it LOL
I can do much better than 6% as is (unless it’s 2019 S60) and 6% + $1,000 = 8% on a $50K car. But I’m curious if it is still somehow connected to the a-plan and dealer can add $3k S90/V90 a-plan cash to this.

Also - since it is not a-plan, I guess I can still get $1,000 on a loaner. That is something worth considering.

It said approximately 6% off MSRP, right? I can’t believe you’re not convinced on this 6% minus advertising thing. Give me a VIN to a car and I’ll show you.

It looks a lot like the A-Plan access that Costco, Sam’s, and TrueCar had before, except plus $1,000 “affinity bonus” and there’s also the credit at Rue La La for $150. Looks like the $1,000 is akin to a purchase loyalty rebate.

Employee pricing means A-Plan pricing, so on an S90/V90/V90CC it’s excellent. A-Plan on an XC60/XC90 is $750, so it’s probably the equivalent of invoice minus incentives minus $1,750 on XC60/XC90s, plus the $150 Rue La La credit. No S60s show as eligible.

Looks like you had to have been a Rue La La member by Nov 1st and you have to take delivery by Dec 31st.

Yep, looks like but It is not - it is spelled there that is not combinable with a-plan. So no a-plan cash there.

so if i have this correct on a s90

MRSP - 6% = sales price

Sales Price - *$3k (A-plan) - $1k (affinity) - $3,750 (cash on hood)

*not known whether the $3k stacks

Northeast region

No $3k a-plan, since this is not a-plan, unlike it was through Costco before. But, like I said before, I’d like to see how dealers will really treat this.

Employee pricing means A-Plan, so it should be the same except the extra $1,000 and $150.

Edit: Employee pricing means A-Plan pricing

What “should be the same”? You do get employee pricing with this offer, which is the same as a-plan pricing. But you do not get a-plan cash, because this offer is not stackable with a-plan as stated in the fine print, so there is no 3k a-plan cash. Is that’s what you are saying? Then you should not use “a-plan” in the context of this offer, because it is not, even though the selling price is the same.

I register new acc with Rue La La, but don’t see this offer anywhere.
Can you please post a link? Otherwise it looks narrowly targeted.

I haven’t seen the bulletin on this program yet, but am supposed to get it tomorrow morning. We agree- employee pricing is the same as A-Plan pricing. It’s not stackable with A-Plan because (except for the $1,000 and $150) it probably already is the same as A-Plan. There is no $3K A-Plan cash because that’s included with the employee pricing. You wouldn’t get it twice.

If it’s the same as A-Plan (except for the $1,000 and the $150) what’s wrong with saying that? Is there some Ursus rule I can’t say “A-Plan?” Seriously?

Costco, Sam’s, and TrueCar also got similar promos, which were clones of the A-Plan program. This is like a rerun of Costco, Sam’s, and TrueCar, except with Rue La La there’s a $1,000 kicker and a $150 credit (Costco had a Costco gift card). You’re creating an argument that has no meaning or usefulness whatsoever.

I’ve been on Rue for years, I don’t see the offer anywhere…

I’m trying to understand why you keep implying that it is a-plan when it is not lol
They never call it as such, and specifically say it is not combinable with the a-plan.
Costco & Sam’s did call their programs “a-plan” and members qualified for the a-plan (employee) pricing plus a-plan cash (like $3k on S90/V90).
My understanding of this particular offer is that you get employee pricing (aka a-plan pricing, if you wish), but you get 1k affinity bonus across all listed for this promo models, rather than a-plan cash, which differs by model. So, no 3k a-plan cash on S90.

I keep saying it’s the same as A-Plan pricing, with the exception of the $1,000 and $150 bonuses. That doesn’t mean it is A-Plan. From the bulletin:

Qualified customers will be able to purchase or lease a new eligible Volvo utilizing Volvo employee pricing (Negotiation-free Affinity/A-Plan pricing), which is the same as the vehicle invoice amount, plus receive an $1,000 Volvo Affinity Bonus and a $150 Rue La La credit (for Rue La La customers). The Rue La La credit will be issued by Rue La La after the sale is reported.

The customer gets the $1,000 (the dealer doesn’t get the 2% commission, which effectively funds this) affinity bonus plus the same cash as A-Plan.

There’s also the same offer for Trunk Club members. I’m on the west coast- I’ve never heard of Rue La La or Trunk Club. Rue La La is based in Boston, I’m told. Trunk Club is affiliated with Nordstrom, I’m also told.

It is targeted. You have to have been a Rue La La member since before Nov 1, and apparently have met some spending criteria.

Volvo Car USA, in conjunction with Rue La La, are pleased to announce a limited-time offer to exclusive Rue La La members. This offer is intended for current Rue La La members only (must be a member prior to November 1, 2018) and meet additional spending criteria.

Great, thanks. So, here is what we know:

  • A-plan cash (ex: $3K S90/V90) cannot be used with this offer because “This offer is not compatible with some Volvo offers, including the “A-Plan by Volvo.””.

Here is what we don’t know about this offer (questions that I posted earlier) and it would be great if you provided some insight:

  • Can dealers go below invoice (~6% off) AND customer still gets $1,000 Volvo Affinity bonus
  • Can this offer be used on demo/loaners - customer gets a nice discount way over 6% AND $1,000 Volvo Affinity bonus

I’d think the answer is “yes” to both questions since it is not A-plan and rules may be different, but maybe not.

@Ursus were you already a member and got this targeted offer? Given the above requirement this doesn’t seem broadly useable.

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