Rubicon 57 mo Lease?

Hi all-any input on this, I’ve never heard of such a long lease, what do you think?
MSRP 51,500 Gross Cap 52,865 on a 57 mo lease/10k 557down/ 557/mo. including tax. mf (rate) 4.85.
Adj residual 33,468

This sounds absolutely horrible. Why would you do such a thing?


You might’ve been punked, 57 month lease with a 63% residual after 5 years?
Posted by a new user?


I recall seeing a credit union doing ridiculously long leases like this on the wrangler recently

Not the length…the RV
Jeep has a 3 year warranty.

Yes, the credit union had ridiculously high RVs as well


Well dang…just dang…jeeps out of warranty seem to hold their value…if they don’t get the death wobble.

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Lol. Exactly what I thought! I entered the figures into the calculator just to see how it would do & it gave an 8.2 which I thought would be far worse.

This tells you nothing.

Must be a slow day for them.

And that rate isn’t set by the dealer, so I’m not sure what to think, I got stuck on the 57 months.

I’m seeing 65% RV here. (33468/51500)

Did you even ask about other terms? I’d like to know the 48-mo RV. Gotta be at least 70%, no? And what about 36? 80%?

That’s what I just learned! But 8.2 almost made it seem like a reasonable idea on a scale to 10.

@Qbrozen — you’re right, it was 65 & I was quoted $629/mo on 48 w 10k.

(New here, I’ll have to learn how to post directly to responses).

But its not on a scale of 1 to 10


Why not get a 4xe rubicon and be in the <$450/mo range for a 36/10?

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Yes, just being wise. I want want want it-but not THAT bad!

@mllcb42 You won’t believe this, but I didn’t look at them bc I thought they were higher cost, lol. I want a 2 door w body colored fenders and roof and they are hard to come by without ordering, but suddenly the wait for the order seems okay. On a build I got it down to aprx $47k but maybe I should look again.

If you want a 2 door, youre more limited in options. No 4xe and lease programs in general arent as good.

Just take the Wrangler to Vegas and get married with it.

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