Rodo (Formerly Honcker) discussion/reviews

What’s that? A trailer?

Sounds like an online transport brokering service

It’s a service, that is absolute trash lol

Did they send you a pickup email or BOL after pickup?

Two fellas came and drove the car away. After that I got automated text message that it was picked up with driver names and stuff. No email.

Sounds legit :sweat_smile: - I sold a car to RODO and they used run buggy.

The truck that showed up was not the company they dispatched it to, they didn’t provide a BOL and they also did not take any photos.

Still waiting for payoff I recon? :rofl: :rofl:

Nah, this was Jan of last year. They paid it off in 10ish days if I remember. They did however, take a month to send my EQ check.

FWIW, they flipped my car quickly to Adcock Brothers.

Eh this does make me feel a bit better, thanks for that. The hope still there that I will see the check in my mailbox. I even oiled the hinges so it can be opened more easily in anticipation


Finally got the equity check. It appears RODO did mail it on time, the envelope was all battered and had “undeliverable, return to sender” stickers on it. They overnighted it to me when it was returned to them. Most baffling thing is that it had correct address the 1st time, no idea why USPS couldn’t deliver it. Just my luck I guess.