Rodo (Formerly Honcker) discussion/reviews

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Similar bad experience with RODO. Placed order on a very well priced car/trim that most dealers didn’t even have in stock. They kept on prompting me to upload docs and do credit check etc (thankfully I didn’t, was waiting for dealer confirmation). Next day I get a text from RODO concierge that “dealership said car unavailable please select another”. Bye.

Guess I never posted another experience here with rodo. My BIL needed a new vehicle, so I found him a Taco on Rodo that, all in, was about $5/mo less than any brokers. He pulled the trigger and submitted the app. About 2 days later, the toyota dealer contacted them and said that truck was in transit and maybe they could try to find another. Since this was last day of May deals, I told him to go to broker and pay $5 more, so he did. Got a better color anyway, so he was happy. Rodo rep called next day and was unhappy their affiliated dealer acted that way and mentioned something about this happening before. If my BIL had waited, he would have wound up paying more in June. Maybe that is what Rodo’s toyota contact was hoping for.

Anyway, now batting 0 for 4 with rodo. I will no longer be recommending my friends/family try going through that app.


It’s unfortunate that for over two years while they have been releasing new features the key issues has never been solved.
But then again LH crowd aren’t their prime target group.
It’s the average folks who don’t even know about LH existence and source of SAL listing used for Worse Leases thread are their clientele who will wait and pay more via RODO vs completely taken to cleaners at dealership F&I

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Assuming the same dealer discount, wouldn’t the extra monthly just go to the mfgr/bank if the extra was due to higher MF/lower incentives owing to a change in programs?

Well forgive the long story, but here goes. (Disclaimer: This is a Success Story!)

I live in Fishers, Indiana - a suburb of Indianapolis.

Had been browsing RoDo for close to a year. Before this signed lease from RoDo, I also have a 2018 Tiguan SE 4 Motion that, in September, will be 2 years into a 3 year lease.

Last month put in the Tiguan on Carvana and Vroom, and Carvana is offering so close to payoff (within $500.00). So with that quote locked in, I found the following:

Added this along with some other Sonatas to my Showroom on RoDo on Friday, 7/10. On Saturday, 7/11, I was notified of a flash sale. They were offering it at 290ish, I “made an offer” of $265. They countered with 283, with 288 due at signing (including all fees and taxes and etc.). I accepted their counter Saturday evening.

Sunday morning I was contacted by phone saying that the inventory was confirmed. The dealer happened to be open Sunday, so they were able to start processing credit. With all the stories posted here, I was very pessimistic of this continuing to go through. However, yesterday (monday) I was notified that the credit went through and they were scheduling delivery, for TODAY, Tuesday 7/14. The dealer delivered it from Alexandria, KY to my office just after 1pm today. Signed all paperwork at my office, I made my copies, wrote a check for the DAS amount of 288, and that was it.

I know this is a rare story within this thread. Maybe it has to do with my locale? Regardless, the deal went through in less than 2 business days, and it started on a Saturday night!

RoDo Customer Service was FANTASTIC, very responsive, very helpful. Dealer was very pleasant. When I leased the Tiguan, I did it all via email and spent less than 30 minutes at the dealer through their sales pitch in financing. This was a SPEED CRUISE in comparison. Literally, no haggling, no having to listen to a sales pitch for any addons.

I will ABSOLUTELY do business with RoDo again. In about a year, my daughter will be driving, so I’ll be back to get her a car.

One app related gripe; I wish you could set a default to the lowest upfront payment possible - just the 1st month. Having to do that OVER and OVER for each car is tiring.

Bottom Line… this was such a success. Thanks RoDo!

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Have to share my Rodo success story. Leased a taco last year and realized I needed something bigger. After extensive research, I decided to go with the the Tundra. I started with my usual method of contacting all dealerships within 100 miles for best internet pricing and leases. They were ridiculously high due to no MF offers from TFS in my area.

Long story short I stumbled upon Rodo and saw offers between $150 to $200 lower per month with only 1st month down. I was pretty skeptical and even more so after reading this forum. I even tried to get the dealerships to match what Rodo showed with no success.

I decided to just go for it and see what happens. I placed the order with Rodo and it took about 2 days for them to confirm it was in shock with the dealer, as I wanted to make sure before doing docs/credit. Once I got the confirmation I uploaded docs and credit info. Within 24 hours everything was confirmed and I scheduled delivery!! It turns out I already spoke with this particular dealership a few days before going through Rodo and they “couldn’t even come close” to the number I presented.

I’m now a believer!!


These last two reviews are promising. Rodo could really provide a valuable service for so many buyers who are in parts of the country where dealers have little competition and little incentive to lower pricing. And outside of major metro areas, finding a broker to work with is a real challenge.

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Thanks for sharing the review. I am just curious, after the point that you provided your credit details, was there any transparency from Rodo or the dealer in “locking in” the price that you were given before credit approval? I am seeing a competitive price on a vehicle, have put it on order, but am hesitant to provide credit details and get a hard pull on my file if the rug gets pulled out after the fact. Waiting to hear back from Rodo on this as well.

I don’t know, if that uploaded correctly. But it was a screenshot saying order has been completed and my Honda Civic lx $153/month (tax included) $1900 das will be delivered 07/31/20. It still says that on the app ha. Anyway, Deal fell through due to taxes not being included; Dealership customer service is terrible and would not honor the price. RODO basically told me that they’d rather preserve their relationship with the dealer than to make them honor the $153, which included tax. This happened with the Jetta I leased in January 2020, dealer tried to add tax, but RODO made them honor the original agreed monthly payment. However, that car has now had two check engine lights on it and almost a lemon now…

Not sure if anyone else got the email or noticed, but Rodo is now in the vehicle purchasing game. I just submitted an inquiry on my XC60 so let’s see where they fall in comparison to Vroom and Carvana

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Let us know how it goes. Very curious if they’ll be competitive with carvana, vroom, etc.
I wonder if they’re doing any buying or just leveraging their dealer network to get offers.

They gave me a printout of my KBB value, which was ~$4k lower than what Vroom and Carvana are currently offering me.

Not even worth an email response back.

But, YMMV. Wouldn’t hurt to try.

Same, I just tried and got a printout from KBB

I just sold my 2020 Jeep Gladiator to Rodo. At first they offered KBB, but I was contacted by the Rodo trade manager, shortly thereafter, and showed him the Carvana appraisal, and a few hours later he got back to me at $100 higher then Carvana. Vehicle is scheduled for pickup Monday but everything has gone smoothly so far.

I would strongly suggest direct communication after the offer is made, in my case they came up over $6K from the first offer. Also they are accepting my car in it’s modified condition, which Carvana would not, as long as I provide the stock parts. From what I can tell, Rodo has an agreement with a local dealer to take the car and is just acting as a pass thru.

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The Rodo trade manager came to pickup my Jeep Gladiator today. He provided me a check on the spot for my positive equity and then drove off in the vehicle with not very much additional documentation. It took about 10 minutes. I will report back to confirm that the check clears, and that they follow through with a payoff to FCA. No hiccups yet.

EDIT #1: Equity check cleared with 24 hours of my mobile deposit.

EDIT #2: Rodo sent expected paperwork via email the next day after pickup.

EDIT #3: Confirmed with FCA that payoff was received as of 9/16, however my account is still in a pending-close state for some unknown reason.

EDIT #4: As of 10/8 FCA has finally converted my account to closed status and issues a payment for my security deposit and overpayment. It took FCA 22 days to get this done.

I can finally report that this transaction went 100% as stated by Rodo.


This is good news that we might have another option to sell cars other than Carvana and Vroom.

I gave Rodo another shot. Not surprisingly, it was a bait and switch, and they did not honor the deal they offered me.

Did you have to allow a credit check?

Any more details so others (myself :slight_smile: ) can learn what to do/what not to do?