Robot Vaccum Suggestions

Does anybody have any experience with robot vacuum/mops?

Like which ones in specifc do you have and are they really worth it or not?

Some of the most popular ones seem to be from iRobot , Eufy and Shark. Are there any other’s that people on the forum have tried.

What are your goals/desires? Surfaces it’s cleaning?

The one person that I know who has the fancy roomba with the vac and mop is constantly, constantly, constantly retraining it.

I have an iRobot Roomba i6…works great! Ive had it 2 yrs and have had no issues. Its surprisingly smart as well with its room mapping strategies.

That said, it will not do as complete of a job as something like a Dyson, but it does a good enough job in our house that I rarely need to manually vacuum. If one had alot of dogs/cats it would probably not be sufficient.


We have not pets or “kids”, just dust mainly off of hardwood and marble flooring.

We tried the Shark robot mop combo and it would wet the entire rug :roll_eyes:. It did also need water refilling every 25 minutes and would take about 3.5 hours to do the entire house

I just got a i-Robot Roomba and that thing got no mapping, pretty odd considering it’s like 300 dollars.

I like my roborock

I have a roborock as well. Its great. Wish i had the auto empty base as it fills up fast.

Mine created this map of the area we use it in within a few days and refines it each time it goes out. Ive been shocked at how accurate it is.

Interesting comparing how the maps are developed. Here is what roborock generated for my living room/kitchen with the different furniture/table legs/occasional toys

What model is this? only 63 minutes to clean :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

63 minutes was only for cleaning the living room twice. :sweat_smile:

Its a roborock s7

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I have a 10-plus-year-old Roomba that’s still going strong.

Hire cleaners.


Its expensive to have cleaners come vacuum every night


Don’t have confetti parties daily.

You run your robot every day??? I can’t force myself to prepare space for it more than once a week.

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Who doesn’t clean their house at least once a day :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

People who work?


I try to, although sometimes fail. Between two dogs that shed a lot and a 2 year old running around, the floors get dirty quick.

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Do the dogs let you run it? I have to lock mine lol
I just grab my Dyson and quickly vaccum high shedding areas :slightly_smiling_face:

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They dont seem to mind it much, other than maybe being annoyed when it comes near…

The 2 year old on the other hand…