Review: 2019 Audi E-Tron

Hi All-

Would like immediate review on this E-Trojan prestige I’m about to sign on. Currently in the car test driving- already agreed on numbers.

MSRP: $83,910
Sale: 16% ish discount. Calculator below

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Seems like a very solid deal

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Guessing the discount is higher than the others to compensate for an MF markup?

10 MSD would make that $465 plus tax

No bump in MF

It’s an audit that you cannot transfer. You should and least do some MSDs. And if you say I can get a 15% guaranteed pretax return somewhere then please tell me where I sign up.

If you actually want an etron, yes it’s a good deal.

solid deal for a prestige – 6% off plus all availible incentives – do max msds – Audi loyalty really coming in big with the 24 months

Dealer backed out and said the 9,500 on the untaxed incentive was a double dip and he can’t do it. He mentioned the other dealer had to make a mistake. He backed out last second and said he can’t lose his job.

So deal dead! Super annoyed!

Was he factoring in the dealer allowance twice? Is that what you mean?

Is the RV 56 % because of Audicare? If so you really don’t need it.10k maintenance is covered free without Audicare

What region is this? That makes no sense? This would have been a true unicorn in every sense.

7500 mileage not 10k

I meant 10k service

So he was claiming the other guy on LH who got that $396 plus tax deal got lucky because the dealer erroneously doubles the incentive. My dealer said he was giving me honoring the full deal minus the 9500 in the incentive below on the calculator.

I did Audicare to increase the residual but the programs for August are worse than July also. Prestige is also worse residual than premium plus. Totally sucks to have gone an hour and half for nothing

I’m in NoCal- Bay Area.

I believe programs are the same for july and august ( i know for sure on the premium +)

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Is this a new type of electronic birth control?


Now that’s a real innovation

Also. Was this deal without loyalty? The taxed incentives is 9500 and untaxed should also be 9500. Maybe loyalty was rolled in the msrp discount.

I had loyalty from my R8, had Costco, everything. He claimed to be giving a better deal minus the “9500 error”