Reverse lh calculator

I Would also suggest for you to make calculator ( unless you already have one) that does reverse calculation where you put in your monthly payment and price of the car and it feels in the rest (MF, discount and tells you are you above or below average compared with the market)

You obviously don’t know much about leasing if you seriously made this suggestion. How is LH going to get the RV/MF of every make/model/trim? How does LH magically know everyone’s terms, tax rate, doc fees, marked up MF or acq fee, incentives they qualify for, etc???


It would be a very useful tool if it existed. It’s not impossible to do but the cost of the data and how it’s displayed is the biggest obstacle.


It’s possibly but you could only be missing one variable, if a dealer isn’t willing to give a lease sheet or disclose all the details, it’s time to find another one or ask to speak to the manager.


I don’t understand the need to respond to an earnest suggestion from a relatively new poster this way.


Reverse calculator is used at dealer finance. If you give them the $ you want to pay they work backwards with the residual of the month and MF which more often than not is marked up.

Ask the finance guy to show you the screen he is working from. If he doesn’t want to - time to walk. In MB case it looks like this. There are any number of areas if changed result in your monthly payment going up or down!

Sorry for some reason image loads but doesn’t show This is 2nd time I tried

Dealers also pay a lot of money for this software and they have more information than what OP is assuming. The dealer’s software knows the base mf and residual value so if someone wants a payment of $500, they can put $500 into the computer and it will either adjust the money factor or discount (depends on which they select).

The problem with OPs example, is that even if the calculator has all of the information, there are a lot of variables that effect the monthly payment. For example, you can arrive at the same payment with various combinations of discounts and money factors. The only way it could work is to assume a base mf, but even then how fees are taxed in various states change. It is a good idea in theory, but it would take hundreds of people (different makes and states/regions) to make it happen.


I understand what you are thinking in terms of ease of use but Lease has a lot of moving parts unlike a purchase transaction.

I would think that you can still get the result you desire by manipulating the numbers in the current calculator.

  1. Get the RV, MF, and Incentives from Edmunds forums.
  2. Research you particular state’s tax rate and treatment.
  3. Edmunds or Truecar will usually have range of dealer and acquisition fees on the car’s listing.
  4. Once you input all this in the calculator, manipulate the “Selling Price” to obtain the Monthly payment amount you desire.

Hope that helps.

The above post is how I go about it. And the recent upgrade to the calculator is actually great in this respect with the percentage discount field. So you can click the up or down arrow to change 1% at a time and see the result on payment. Same with down payment.