Returning BMW lease early (while making all payments)

My BMW X2 lease ends in April next year but I’m taking delivery on a new vehicle in February. That means I’ll likely have a month period where I’d have 2 cars, though I only have parking spot for 1 vehicle.

Is it possible return the BMW lease a 2-3 weeks early? I would still make the last payment on it so I would not be terminating the lease or changing terms

Yes. I did that a few months ago. You just need to pay off whatever payments are left on the term of your lease. If you’re under miles, depending on how many miles, they can give you a credit towards your new car payment. Sometimes automatically. Sometimes you’ll have to ask.

Yes, I turned my last car in 3 months early… Make sure you do your lease end inspection ahead of time, and pay remaining payments before you turn it in.

Thanks! Did you have to pay early termination fee of any kind? Or just the remaining payments and disposition?

With the supply & demand situation going on right now and on months to come, Im doubting that by April the supply of vehicles is going to outnumber the demand, their probably begging for early lease turn ins.


I agree with this 100%. Most leases taken 1 or 2 yers ago have +ve equity. An early lease return is a gift to them (Dealer and bank) of your equity. Try to use the equity…


No early termination fee. Disposition fee was waved since I leased another BMW

What you replacing X2 with . Hope not another X2. Once I drove X2 as a loaner worst BMW I ever drove. X5 or X6 will be good upgrade and X3 is not bad either.

You will have no issue in returning early and some time they take off last 3 payments if you leasing another BMW but not sure they doing this in Today’s market.

I’m unfortunately not going with another BMW. I did like the X2 but not want this car long term. Will be leaving lease-land and moving to Tesla.

Wonder if they will waive early termination even if I’m not renewing with a BMW

A few weeks early isn’t a big deal. Check your contract on what it says about early returns/turn-ins. The early return/turn-in clause doesn’t kick in if you’re less than 3 months early or something like that. Just check the fine print on your paperwork. GLWT!

You can return anytime you want so long you pay all 36 payments. Normally last month you don’t pay anything since your first payment starts at time of when you sign the deal. Since you not leasing or buying another BMW you will pay a disposition fee as written in your contract normally its $350 or more.

Once I return my Lexus RX350 3 weeks early since I was not driving anymore due to excess mileage I have. They were happy to take my car since I paid all 36 payments.

Enjoy your Tesla a complete different car as compare to X2.

If you have issue parking then you can park at my place just leave the keys to me . :grin:

Yes… but… it’s always best to verify what are the terms in the agreement.

Here’s a Chase example:

Here’s a BMW example:

There’s some variability by bank/captive along with applicable state laws. I’ve seen a couple of folks get caught off-guard by the ‘adjusted lease balance’ though it’s more a matter of understanding.

Great advice!

I got a payoff quote from BMW and got some offers from Carvana, Carmax, etc. and actually got an offer from Carmax $2000 above the payoff - so this seems like the route!


Unfortunately, BMW may charge Carmax a higher payoff than the value they gave you — please check…

BMW does not currently charge a higher amount to 3rd party dealers.

Thanks for confirming this!

I don’t know specifically about BMW’s policy, but I did this with my Acura lease. I leased a BMW when I still had a couple months left on my RDX lease (dumb but whatever). I wanted to get the RDX off my insurance. The dealer was great, they let me bring it in and “ground” it and they did the inspection. Later they sent me the final bill, which of course included the last few payments that I owed, but no early termination fee. Somewhere along the line I got my vanity tag transferred to the BMW, I guess after I grounded the Acura.