Returning a Mercedes lease - do they care about tire manufacturer?



Does anyone know whether I should put the same tires my car came with or I can go with run flats from different manufacturer?



Pretty sure they don’t care as long as 1) all four tires match and 2) are within acceptable return height.



The following vehicle conditions will result in excess wear and
use charges (Brand doesn’t matter, however, should not be mismatched):

• Wheels that are cracked or bent
• Wheels that weren’t originally equipped with the vehicle at the time
of delivery (upgraded aftermarket wheels installed by an authorized
Mercedes-Benz dealership are acceptable)
• Rims that are bent or have breaks (regardless of size)
• Tires with less than 1/8” tread depth
• Tires that have sidewall damage (which includes plugs and cuts),
bulges, or exposed cords
• Tires that are mismatched: Tires on each axle that are not the same size,
brand, model, type and/or speed rating, and equivalent in quality and
performance to the original tires
• Spare tire and rim (or inflation kit for those vehicles without a spare tire)
that are missing or not in operable condition



Has anyone actually have experience with this? Our C class with sport package is due in 8 months and OEM tires are about $1200 to replace whereas non-run flats are around $650. Other runflats cost even more. With all my other leases I don’t think they ever enforced anything about having to get the same tires.



I don’t have personal experience w/ this, but I imagine you would need to get RFT tires (and I as the manufacturer or bank or whatever certainly wouldn’t accept your car w/o them).

And, yes, they can be hellaciously expensive.

RFT are a type of tire, not a brand or specific model.



I have experience with BMWs - they didn’t care about the brand or RFT - they just cared about wear. On my M4 that I turned it - 3 tires were worn down - they only charged $200 each. When you go through pre-inspection, they’ll give you an estimate on the spot.



There isn’t a single captive out there (that I know of) that cares whose name is on the tire…just that the specs of the new tire match or exceed the OEM tire. Things like speed rating, all season (unless the car came with summer tires) tread remaining and run flat vs no are all they care about. I’ve put some pretty obscure tires on my lease turn ins that were probably made by some 11 year old in China, and nobody batted an eye as long as the speed rating met or exceeded OEM and the tire had enough tread.

It’s been mentioned countless times…try and find a set of used tires on Craigslist or that fit your car if cost is of concern. The tires don’t have to be brand new…they just have to meet or exceed OEM specs and have enough tread life remaining.



I always try and find the same tires if need be by end of lease. But I generally purchase good used ones. There are some great deals on ebay/offerup/craigslist etc. The most I paid for two tires where RFT Continental Contisport that had 85% tread from Florida on ebay at a whopping $156 (including shipping). Then had the local tire shop take off old fronts and replaced them with ebay specials which cost me a total of $25. The pre-lease turn in inspector commented how much tread was left on all four tires.



Some MB cars have MOE (Mercedes Benz Original Extended Mobility) or MO (Mercedes Benz Original) tires and the finance guy told me that these cars need to have the same MO or MOE tires during the lease return and MB will charge you otherwise which could run up to $1200. He said many customers were angry because of this and it is the reason why MB introduced first class lease protection which covers wear and tear worth $7500 including the tires.

The context was that he was trying to selling me the first class lease protection.