Returning a Mercedes lease - do they care about tire manufacturer?

And at their stated prices that could be between 1-1.5 tires along with tying you to the brand.


Ok tough guy. You win.

Feel better?

He’s right…everyone else is wrong.

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How about you get some manners before I report you to the mods for being a jerk?

If I were the manufacturer, I personally would be anal specifically for the reason you mention; other tire types are way cheaper, so why would I want to pay the difference if it’s technically your responsibility to replace them?

If you really don’t want to pay for new RFTs, then just try putting on a diff type to see what happens. At worst, they just charge you for the new ones (and you’re out an add’tl $700 from the new non-RFT performance tires you just put on there). And you’ll get to post here to tell people what happened.

But, even if they allow the switch in your specific case, I assume that doesn’t mean it will be allowed for everyone else (esp if you don’t end up getting another MB).

Hi Guys,

Yep, I basically only have a few months left on the lease and just didn’t want to spend another $1200 or so to install tires that I’m not really going to drive on. I think the lease return allowance is $1200, the car’s in perfect shape otherwise so i might just return the lease as is and pay the difference if they decide to charge me the full $1200.

I know what the policy is and was just going to see if there’s multple cases where Mercedes is lenient on the specs of the tires, when we returned our last Mercedes they didn’t really mention anything about the tires that was on the other car other than look at the tread rating.

It was unfair for me to call them “Anal” and it is my responsibility to get those tires replaced, everyone on the forum is here to look for a good deal and I don’t think most people like to deal with lease returns. Now that all MB vehicles do come with run flats, you’re expected to pay $1200-1400 to replace tires on a 3 year lease so you can factor that in the cost. It’s another reason to not get a Mercedes or another car manufacturer that has this requirement whether they ultimately do charge you for this.

At the end of the day this is just a PITA to deal with. Funny how this post ended up getting people fired up :slight_smile:

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While you’re at it, hammer some nails into those RFT’s once you park it for good. That’ll teach them!

Does anyone know firsthand how much Mercedes charges on lease returns with bald tires?

A few months ago my dealer told me that my front tires were bald and I need to have at least 6/32 tread remaining. I had already replaced the rear tires with the equivalent of OEM Contisport RFTs, and was told that the front tires do not need to be the same brand but they must be run-flats and you must have matching tires on each axel. Have never bought used tires before but may do so depending on price as new RFTs cost $180 per tire plus install, disposal, etc. at America’s Tire (have not checked costco yet).

I found this out the hard way with my last return when I didn’t have enough time to schedule a pre-inspection. It’s around $250 per tire IIRC.