Require dealers/brokers to list breakdown of total DAS

They aren’t. Sadly feel like clunkers. We are enjoying the bmw and Lexus much more and for a cheaper payment. When the E class was $400 a month a few years back that was one think but at current prices, no thanks.

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MB rapes you on turn in fee too. Isn’t it 650?

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Ouch. That can easily add a 18/mo cost to turn in on a 36.

I think it’s that no one likes to have their time wasted by a customer that doesn’t know what car they want and just shopping for a car payment. I think that’s where the hostility comes in when a customer asks for a quote on every model, trim or color… It happens.

Do your own work buddy.

An informed buyer takes the hard part out of this.

Exactly. Overall be super nice. Nice people always get the best deals because these deals take the most time and make the least commission.

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595 dispo fee on MB

Thanks again for the referral bro! :wink:

This is the least discussed topic on the forum and one of the most important. You want a good deal? Be nice. Seriously. It makes all the difference in the world! I’d rather spend all day with a client who is kind and appreciative and make a “mini” then spend one hour with some a-hole even if I was making a bigger commission. It can change your whole day.

Sorry to continue the off-topic tangents. Just had to touch on that.


I’m not disputing that. I wouldn’t either.

That said, the response was in reply to someone indicating brokers didn’t want to be swamped with messages. While I get that, the fact remains that this is a consumer driven forum. If Joe Broker wants to peddle his wares in 50 states, all with variable costs associated with closing the deal, he’s going to have to earn his 400 commission. Unfortunately, for him, that means answering quite a few PMs for the chance to actually make 1 sale.

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I’m curious if they are mo a-holes come through BMW doors than Honda:) cause I don’t see many coming through Honda’s door on a high horse “cause I can afford it this you owe me”:slight_smile:

I think they’re definitely there. You just don’t see/hear about them because most on this forum think that every BMW is an automatic 30% off before incentives and get pissed off when they get laughed at or don’t get a return call/text/email. Just yesterday, someone indicated 10% off before incentives on a 2019 330i (brand new, non loaner) was “meh.” On a new body only out a couple months now. BMW should just give everyone keys for free I suppose.

Likewise, there is less expectations at Honda due to many on the forum constantly saying “Honda’s don’t lease well.”


Totally agree, but it goes both ways :grin:
Catch 22

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Yes it should absolutely go both ways!

My God man, do you sleep? I saw you were posting early this AM your time, and back at it now!

Hahaha. I got to sleep in today so it’s all good.

This is incredibly annoying on this forum. Calling everything that isn’t a “unicorn” a terrible deal, making people feel like they got ripped off etc.

I am always polite. You have no idea what network you may need in the future- even when I got laughable quotes on my own, I declined the offer graciously and let the dealer know that the price was not working for me and that was it.

I have NO idea why people expect salespeople to give them 5 star attention and hand-holding for a deal they’ll make minimum commission on. If you want the sales floor treatment, go out and pay the sales floor price.


I agree with you here. I think sometimes people get made to feel badly (when there is nothing they can do about it after the fact). That doesn’t mean the realities cant be recognized, but only that perhaps a gentler approach will convey the same information…

In any case…I can roughly recall my first lease…if I posted the deets here, Id get flamebroiled!

OK…here goes…

1996 VW GTI VR6, cant remember the DAS, but it was $315/mo. I wouldn’t pay that for this car now in 2019, never mind in 1996 dollars! And, this was a deal back then. I recall other dealers were all close to $400.

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I feel like it’s slightly salesmans-y to post a low payment, only to find that a portion of the forum won’t qualify for that payment because it includes a Loyalty incentive. Wouldn’t it be more honest to post the payment after DAS and required (if any) MSDs, because everyone needs to pay those, rather than a payment with optional incentives included? Otherwise why stop at Loyalty? Why not post payments with all available incentives such as Recent Grad, Military, etc…?

In my head, if I had loyalty, I would see a low payment and be like “Wow, that’s a great deal. And my Loyalty will make it even lower!”, rather than right now where I see a low payment and go like “Wow, that’s a great deal. Oh wait, it’s going to be higher because I don’t have Loyalty.”

Now obviously if Loyalty is required for a deal, that’s different. But I don’t know, that’s just my two cents. Obviously I appreciate all of the hard work that the mods/brokers/dealers do here, and it’s not a knock on anyone, it’s just an idea to help with the transparency of the deals that are posted.

tl;dr - Broker/dealer posts should post payments before any incentives included such as Loyalty/Conquest. If buyer qualifies for those, then their payment will be even lower than the posted amount.

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This is why when I do post a deal I post it 1st DAS only even if it seems “high”, everything but the sell price can be modified later.

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