Ask the Sales Staff...customer negotiation preference

Cant we all just get along???
I wanted to ask @BMW_Dave and the other sales guys and gals on here if they rather someone come in and negotiate a deal or have everything worked out ahead of time on phone/email, sign and go? Obviously having an uninformed buyer with was of cash in front of you paying 10k over sticker is what makes for good times, but would you rather run into us hackrs, usually informed, and get right down to it?

It’s late here on the east coast, too many wines glasses of.

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First rule of being a hackr: Don’t pay sticker.
Second rule of being a hackr: Don’t be an asshole.

A jerkoff quote today could turn into a unicorn tomorrow when you’re a pleasure to deal with.

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Probably warrants a separate post vs one suggesting how dealers/brokers post deals. Moved.

I don’t believe any sales person in the world would prefer a customer from LH vs a regular customer… Typically LHs are the most difficult to deal with due to unreal expectations and a false sense of knowledge. I’ve had multiple cases where I get deals within the budget and either they want more, or disappear when time comes to close.
Most of my deals are from referrals, or brokers now.


I would agree with that with the exception of those dealers here that post deals as “take it or leave it” type, with no negotiation. Then again, I’m sure there are plenty that try to push for more off, so maybe I’m wrong there too.

I get plenty that ask for me… But I post the best I can upfront. If they ask for more I just Pass.

Do they ever come back kicking and screaming when they realize they can’t get the same deal done anywhere else?

A lot of times. Happy to help them. For the LH crowd I push my deals to the max… probably because I hate to lose :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you know if your GM (or anyone else) is reading your emails to see how you deal with customer requests? I wonder this if it exists in the car dealers.

Not my personal customers no. But I’m sure that some stores do follow up closer than our store.

They would have fun trying to read the thousands of emails I receive each month between my 3 email accounts.

I have ability to read any of the Internet lead emails if I needed

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