Ready to sign: 2019 Acura MDX SH-AWD A-Spec

Well, it’s been back and forth between a few dealers and now here I am. My wife is ready to sign but I thought I’d first ask the forum for feedback. Good to go? Changes? Or shop a different brand given the low RV / high MF? Thanks in advance.

Location: California
MSRP: $56,195
Selling Price: $42,839
Rebate: $1,000 (loyalty)
Gov Fee: $717
Doc Fee: $85
Subtotal: $42,046
Acq. Fee: $595
Gross Cap Cost: $43,433
Adj. Cap Cost: $41,897
Drive-off: $2,027 (including 1st and additional down pmt of $500)
Residual: 53% (29,783.35)
MF: .00225
Monthly pmt including tax: $543
LH Score: 9.1

Looks like a good deal.

These things are a total steal if you buy out the lease immediately on a low APR new car refi to avoid the rent charge/MF.


To reply to myself with math…

The rent charge on this will be the (cap cost + residual) * MF * term, so $161 per month or $5806 over the 36mo lease. CRAZY high rent!

Here’s what a Penfed 60mo Refi would look like;



I’m in a similar boat. Currently searching for a new daily for my dad as he has suddenly taken a liking to SUVs. We’ve narrowed down to Xc90 after test driving MDX and XC90 and GLE. Best so far on XC90 T8 R-Design (~83k MSRP) we’re getting is $914 p/m tax in and $2800 DAS. No breakdown given yet by dealer. Initially offered $1190 with 3.5k DAS. I countered with $850, True Zero DAS. Higher msrp might be making it tough, so we may try to find a lower one (~70k).

As for locking down on your MDX A-Spec, I would do it if you have your heart set on it. Remember, though that it is a near 6 year old design. I personally would never suggest the MDX as it is ( as I’m sure you’re aware) a glorified Pilot, but for the right payment, meh, why not. XC90, Q7, GLE are anytime better driving SUVs, but it may be very very difficult to get one in this payment. At this payment, if size is not a requirement, why not consider a GLC, Q5, or X3? Far better made vehicles, ride nicer, and much better interiors. Again, not to discount those who like the MDX, but just want to push toward the true luxury experience :slight_smile: you guys deserve.

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I am thinking of doing that but not sure how tax is calculated/paid (I live in MD). Do i have to pay tax twice? Any advice is appreciated

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Mdx drives very well, great engine and roomy. For lease this would be great. In two years redesign will be out and switch to that after lease ends. If you want to keep for 7+ years purchase out right as discounts are amazing. For the price of Honda pilot I would always choose mdx. they are built rock solid and minor maintenance will keep the car happy for a long time, $60 for oil change and tire rotation. All you need for 7 years plus the AC and engine filter once a year.


Looks like I have work to do! Where are those prices from? State?

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Dated? Are you serious? Virtual cockpit is dated. Yup, makes sense lmao. No touchscreen is considered dated? Are you serious man? Do you realize that many Mercedes and Audi models don’t utilize touch screens? The whole UX is planned without the use of a touch screen, and no complaint there as it is well executed on both cars. MDX dual screen system is one of the cheapest and tackiest setups period.

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Unfortunately we are not a big fan of the looks of the new one. Prefer the looks of the previous gen haha.

They’re fast for an SUV maybe, but statistics prove otherwise. 2013 328i is sub 6 second (5.8-9s) 0-60, whereas 2014 MDX is 6+ ( 6.5s). Clearly either driver error or simple variance. Either way, this is a dumb justification for the MDX. Are you a dealer or working for/with a dealer? You’re pushing this MDX agenda pretty hard by spewing utter crap lol. Calling the current-gen Q7 outdated and without a touchscreen (Tons of critics have praised it for its techy cockpit). There is nothing unique about the MDX being ‘beastly’ as you put it. Comparing the top end variants across the board for 0-60:
MDX SH AWD -> ~6 seconds
Q7 3.0T -> ~5.5 seconds
X5 xDrive35i -> ~6.1 seconds
Volvo XC90 T8 -> 5.3 seconds

Whats so beastly about the MDX? As per standard trends, all cars across the board in general have been getting quicker 0-60. Would you believe these non-performance suvs above are just a second to 1.5s away from matching the glorious e60 M5 from 0-60? Its the beauty of evolution in the industry

Yessir, great tech for sure. Audi and BMW have been making Mercedes sweat I’m sure haha.

The MDX is a great soccer mom car. Even the base MDX at around $400/mo gives you a bunch of safety features. I had to pay a little more for the Tech because my wife just could not live with the 18" wheels on the base. It’s not as fast as all those other fast SUVs, but it has this feature that lets you drop your kid off at two different locations at the same time. I don’t know how this is done. I ask my wife, and she just says, “magic”. Considering how quickly she wears down her tires, I would say that she’s just driving super fast.

The lane control keeps her from hitting pedestrians and cyclists while she’s on her planner, and the automatic braking prevents rear end collisions while she’s responding to that very important text message. Why doesn’t she just use Carplay? Because although the MDX has Carplay, the infotainment system only has one touchscreen, out of two screens, and it’s not the one for Carplay. You have to use a dial to navigate Carplay.

When we go to some dinky town in the middle of nowhere, people are really impressed by the MDX. But in Carlsbad, amongst the Q8s, X8s, GLS, Model X,and Bentayagas, it’s just an economy 3-row SUV.


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Have had experience with 5 e classes, 1c300, 1 m3 in my immediate family. No oil consumption issues ever. Just regular service intervals. I have to read on forums? You’re an absolute imbecile. I did address that these cars do have oil consumption issues but only when mileage gets higher and proper maintenance not performed. Show me the sources where cars under factory warranty specs have high oil consumption requiring frequent fill ups outside of the regular service interval. You’re just a generalizing keyboard warrior. And I don’t mean just an outlier. I want you to prove majority of these cars consume oil outside of the typical 10k, 1 year interval. You won’t be able to, because they dont

Well if you’re going to call any complete or partially floating screen an iPad then you’ve just discounted many bmw,Audi, Mercedes, Alfa, cars. Heck I’ll say the Acura MDX just has two iPads plopped in the dash. Definitely Makes a lot of sense.

Did they finally fix the transmission issue on these? I had a 16 and the car hunted and shift gears so many times I finally traded it in.

Allegedly they fixed the hunting and jerkiness. I haven’t driven a ZF 9AT since MY16 though, the 4-3 downshift freewheeling is unfixable and bad enough for me to never went to drive one ever again. But I probably wouldn’t be downshifting into a corner in an MDX, so moot point :slight_smile:

The 8HP is a really good transmission in every application I’ve driven it in.

The 9HP is a total cluster. It does not appear to be designed or intended for sporty driving. The 4-3 freewheeling is absolutely terrifying. Imagine downshifting using the paddles and the vehicle actually speeds up for a split second.

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Ya never know Chris, those A-Specs look ready to throw into a corner while downshifting :wink: