RDX AWD without option price update

Update March 05

New Acura March promotion came and got some update.

What do you think?

MSRP: $40,795
Sales Price including Lease Cash $35,982
Lease Cash $2,375
Money Factor: .00200 (It’s too high compare the last month)
Residual Value: .61% for 7,500 miles/year
$475 month

$0 down and only first month payment for signing

This include $1k Loyalty or Conquest cash.

Compare the last month the selling price is low, however not big difference for monthly.

I contacted some dealer for RDX base AWD.

Quote below---------

2019 Acura RDX SH-AWD
MSRP: 40295
Your internet Price: 38306
36 months 7500 miles per year
first month payment due
483.30 monthly
( NJ taxes and fees applied)
(1000 loyalty/conquest rebate applied for Honda) please note it must be 2009 or newer.
0 down / only 1st month payment singing out

MF: .00109
Residual: .62 (.61 for 10000 miles)
Acura/ Honda lease corps. does not have MSD’s.

It still too high selling price.
It looks Acura does not have not much room for negotiation.

Any advice welcome.
Thank you.

I don’t believe Acura does MSD’s

Acura doesn’t MSD.

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Having said that, look at this too: