Rate This Deal? 2018 Audi A4


After much haggling, here’s the latest offer I received on a 2018 Audi A4 with Nav/Heated Seats/Black Optic Package. No broker would go less than $499…thoughts? Does the money upfront (I only wanted 1st month /DMV / Bank fee) make sense? Apologies I’m new here and couldn’t understand how to plug this into the Lease calculator.

MSRP: $49,150.00
Selling Price: $43,672.51
Lease Structure: 36 mnts / 12k miles
Monthly: $485.00 w/taxes rolled in
Upfront: $1,898.84
Location: NY

Any feedback on this deal would be welcome and appreciated. Thank you.


I would try to find a Summer of Audi car (if they’re still around and Audi still has special lease rates for them) - you get a discount on the Nav and a bump in the residual by a considerable amount.

For a non-Summer of Audi car, this looks pretty good. Solid discount before rebates. Maybe consider MSD to try and reduce the MF - should save ~$15-$20.

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Thanks for the feedback

I hear you on the Summer of Audi tech cars. I happened to need to the car in a very specific make/color and there were close to none left around here. So I went the regular Premium Plus.

I’m personally not into MSDs (not sure if they allow it in NY for Audi?).

They also sent the above. Does this make sense? The “Total Due at delivery” seems odd.

I doubled checked the window sticker and it does look like it’s one of the summer of audi cars. It indicates the tech value package is included in the msrp. Does the residual look correct?

I just lease one of these cars 2 months ago. I got mine down to 486.91 but i added on audicare and it raised the residual by one percent and raised the monthly by 10 bucks i believe. See my post here `My deal