Rate my Mazda 3 deal

Hello Hackers! Just got this quote from a local Mazda Dealer:

2019 Mazda 3 fwd, premium package
MSRP: 27,720
Selling price: 24,637
MF: .00001
Residual: $14,258.40
Monthly: $299
DAS: taxes and licensing

Sorry, it’s actually a true zero DAS.

Pretty good from my experience with that trim level. Even though they don’t lease particularly well for the MSRP, I was pretty impressed with the quality of the car after seeing it in person/test driving it.

Post a calculator link

It’s a true zero due at signing.

Sounds like a good deal to me. I was just quoted on this same vehicle yesterday. 12K/30, $600 DAS, $345 a month.

So the monthly payment you listed is including tax in the price correct (like in the link)? What area are you in?

Also, I mean for around $299 theres some other cars i would consider over this Mazda that lease better but the heart wants.

Just curious, what other comparable cars around the $300-$350 mark lease better?

What state are you in?

Well, BMW X1 is leasing great (with BMW’s maintenance is included), see this broker offer:

Also, Volvos (on the east coast):

To be fair, the x1 includes loyalty. Conquest is available though for 250 less, so that would be tight at under 350 w/tax and 0 das outside of MSDs.

Yeah I understood that, but theres always the OL even in November 7th-14th that happening in NY. Thats why i wondered what region he was in. Also, theres the BMW CCA or if hes a recent grad. Theres some options.

But its more car for the money which is why i threww it in there. Bmw X2 which is more like a hatchback are also leasing great.