Range Rover Sport & Full Size Reservations & Ordering

Have seen 3 full sizes sold for asking at above MSRP. Also select dealers offering orders at, but wait time is over a year.

JLR has something called area of responsibility, they are penalized if they sell to you outside of that area, so don’t bother, shop within a few hundred miles max.

I didn’t go to the '23 Sport presentation last Friday. Was too lazy to drive 20+ miles in traffic.

You can order one in NYC and it will take only 2 years to come. Also only 40k over sticker :partying_face:
Check LR Marlboro/Princeton maybe better.

With inflation that’s only going to be 70k in 2 years, good deal.


Fun fact: my local dealer has around 400 total orders and zero new vehicles in stock.


Gotta place that order asap for the LWB - looks sick

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Thanks for responding. When you say you saw them sell for asking at above MSRP do you happen to know how much over MSRP? How much over would be a decent deal for one on the ground do you think? TIA

Would love to get a Defender order in, easier said than done…

I thought of this as “at sticker and available to deliver within a reasonable time”…

I am in for 2 sports, might try for a FS

Who has RRS for sticker? Asking for a friend

second this!

Land rover uses chase for lease right? @leasecompanion ?

Not sure to be honest.

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Actually I believe it does.

And im assuming they don’t allow 3rd party sales

They do, according to @Benedetto

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Land Rover Financial Group uses Chase…

Chase allows for third-party sales with buyout fees.


Thank you both @HersheySweet @Ursus

My local dealers are selling for $50-$70k over sticker. Orders are at MSRP with fully refundable deposits but take about a year for the full sizer.