Range Rover loaners

So today I took in my velar for service given the steering column/wheel is making some weird noises. I leased the vehicle from out of state 2 years ago… when I took it in to my local Range Rover dealer, they basically said they weren’t providing a loaner given I didn’t get the car from them. Called other 2 or 3 Range Rover dealers and basically got the same answer. I wasn’t aware this was the case as with my Mercedes I also got it out of state and took it in for service / recall locally and was provided a loaner.

To add to this the velar has 2 recalls apparently which to me is even more reason to be provided a loaner.

Anyways not a huge deal just wondering what other brands work the same if any for future knowledge when leasing an out of state car.

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I would reach out to Land Rover… they may not be able to do anything, but a loaner is definitely an expectation for luxury cars, no matter where you bought it.


This isnt the norm across the board. However, I know the wait can be very long for a loaner and you need to book one quite far out. For example, I made an appointment for ours today and the earliest date to get a loaner is September 10.

I wouldnt expect to drop a car and ask for a loaner if I hadnt prepped them in advance (well in advance).


You don’t say where you are, but I would expect a loaner or rental, which RR should pay for if it’s covered under warranty. I’d contact them.

Shocked, shocked I am.


I hadn’t just shown up. I had called and made an appointment and said I’d be dropping of the car. One thing is to then tell me at the dealer that they have no loaner available and another is to say “you didn’t buy the car from us, so we can’t give you a loaner”.

Honestly had I known there was no loaner for me to take I wouldn’t of even shown up. But you live and learn… lol

Great point. When I took my Volvo in for service in July, I had to wait almost a week for a date when the loaner was available. But I asked when I made the appointment and we scheduled around it.

I guess what I’m saying is, I wouldn’t expect a loaner unless it was agreed to ahead of time.

I would not have taken that well, especially since this dealer is getting all that sweet sweet warranty work out of you. Maybe in your region that’s how the dealers differentiate? But what if you moved from out of state?

South Florida is the worst… all I have to say

In BMW, loaner is subject to availability. Every dealer in I dealt with in SoCal in the past provided one but most asked for reservation in advance. Crevier has an army of loaners and often gives one with little to no notice in advance.

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I understand the availability issues. But a totally different thing is being told “we won’t provide a loaner given you didn’t buy from us”. Another gave the same reason and due to them being private they don’t loan out cars to non purchased cars at their dealer.


There is no rule or generalization for each brand.

Each dealer has its own policies.


I confirmed this is the case. Called Land Rover and they said the dealers are private and therefore can do what they want and deny a loaner. It’s not good practice but it is up to them. Something good to know I guess when getting a vehicle from an out of state dealer or a dealer you know you won’t use for anything. Thankfully I’ve had good luck with my local mercedes dealers.

I think its also important to note that a lot of stores are basically out of loaners right now. No joke.

I bet a bunch of people who are right with their BMW dealers can speak to this right now.

Some dealers just keep a thin supply of loaners even in the best of circumstances. The BMW dealer I use in the Dallas/Ft Worth area keeps a large fleet of loaners. When I call to make an appointment for service they tell me they appreciate it but it’s not required for routine service. They have plenty of loaners. Back to the OP’s question though… it is kind of crappy that there is no corporate guideline for stuff like that. Seems like they’d want a uniform experience at all of their dealers. Especially since now days so many brands frown on dealers having an actual name attached to them. They want them all to be “Land Rover/Range Rover of …” I kind of thought the whole point of not having a personal name on a dealer was to create a uniform brand experience. Guess not…lol

Pretty standard for JLR dealerships, I think. Had a similar experience at Galpin in SoCal when my F-Type completely died two weeks after getting it. They didn’t agree to give me a loaner (since I didn’t buy from them) until after they crashed it while trying to fix it, and ended up needing 4 weeks to replace a few parts that had broken when they backed it into another car on the lot.

Of course, they gave me a base XE 25t which is like 1/3 the MSRP of my F-Type, but at least I got something.

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yea, the even crappier part is the fact the car has two recalls…lol anyways no big deal I’m not really fussing over it tbh. Just agree I wish corporate had better guidelines around this.

Yup, BMW, Audi and MB loaner appointments around here almost always require scheduling in advance whereas waiting/non-loaner appointments are usually available with much less notice.

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Getting the 1st service on the wife’s XC90 soon and it can all be scheduled via an app now. Seems like they come drop off the loaner while driving your car back to their dealership for the service. We’ll see how this goes.