Range Rover Lease on CPO vehicle

Hi, long time lurker/reader. Looking to get back into a lease after getting out of a 5 series lease less than a month ago.

My question is has anyone had experience leasing a used Range Rover? I see certain dealerships (depending on the lender bank) are leasing out 2-3 year old RRS. 2015-2017s. Roughly asking for 3995 down, and lease prices anywhere from 599-799 monthly. Anyone have any experience with used Range Rover leases. They aren’t really demos as the cars have 30-50k miles on them.
Should I even bother bargaining on these cars? Is there a lot of room for the dealer to work on the price for them? Any advice would be appreciated

Aren’t new RR leasing for that much with the same down? Why lease a CPO?

A base RRS with $5k down might get to that neighborhood, but those are more like Velar numbers I think.

OP, I would advise against this… RRs have huge reliability issues and you’re basically leasing the worst part of the vehicle’s life (most expensive and just out of warranty). If the lease includes a bumper to bumper warranty then maybe… but otherwise I’d say not a good deal.

Depending on where you are, how far you’re willing to travel, etc you can get a Land Rover Discovery HSE in the $700’s p/m with minimal down payment, Velar (mid to high end spec) for something similar and both would be brand new. I wouldn’t pay anywhere near that for a used RRS given some of the vehicles you can get for that money.

Only interested in the Range Rover sport. These cars are 7 years or 100k miles warranty, so I would still
Have time on the warranty. I can’t find a RRS for that price with that much down. If you guys know of a deal please let me know!

Is that limited warranty or just power train? Huge difference in issues there

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Jag/LR CPO leases remain a mystery but some lenders do seem to offer them. Here is an example that may help or not, I don’t think we ever fully understood how this CPO was possible but you may want to find out what banks support it and find the right program before going to a dealer

I don’t see any reason why not if the price is right and vehicle is in bumper to bumper warranty throughout the contract. Post legitimate offers here so we can help to assess.