Used 2015 F-TYPE S 1-Pay Leasing 24mo/20k $6488 ALL IN

There deal sheet is from April, but that wouldn’t make a huge difference. I still don’t think this is legit.

You’re right. I missed that it was from April.

It’s Ally and is legit. Big drops since then.

Ally doesn’t do used leasing on Jags but the format of that sheet is identical to Ally’s RV book. This is very unusual and the values aren’t even close to baseline ALG used RVs which is what most lenders use as their starting point of their analysis.

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So it is possible to get a sports coupe for less than $300 a month. Unbelievable!!! Nice deal.

Wow didn’t know the numbers I’m used cars cause it doesn’t happen. But nice deal! Thanks for sharing!

Deals like this, if it is legit, are totally rare and require a dealer to massively drop the selling price or a lender who is asleep when they are setting their RVs, or a little of both.

Not sure what’s up here.
In Part 5 they didn’t even add in the LIC and Admin of $1218 in the total. They are listed but not added in.

Good job but only it it’s the V8 and not the V6

The base and the S are both supercharged V6 models (340HP and 380HP respectively). The R is the only one with a supercharged V8. Any of those engines are plenty of power, and getting a formerly $90,000+ car for under $300 a month is a steal no matter the model.

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Wasn’t there a V8 S trim early on?

There was, but it hasn’t been around for a while. They also ditched the RWD on the R since the power was way too much to handle without AWD.

Is there a portal to view Ally’s used leasing rates/RVs? It looks like Ally just directs you to visit a participating dealer. I’d like to comb through the data and see if there are opportunities to put together a favorable deal on other models.

if that doesn’t work, google ‘ally rvlg’

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Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I can’t access it from the link (the page returns unauthorized) or from Google it looks like. I’ll keep trying.

EDIT: got it from Google. Thanks!

Ally’s used RVs are $’s and assume a mileage amount at inception so you’ll need to adjust for any miles up/down on the front side. It makes combing units for used lease deals very time consuming.

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So is anyone able to replicate something like this? 2017s still have 55% or so RV of the MSRP … did OP give any details to anyone beyond what was said?

One dealer wants to quote me over $1000/mo for a 2017 that has a sell price of 66k… so I am confused because they said RV is 60% and MSRP of 98k

I didnt think they could still lease 2017s?

Its the same thing that this guy did. You have to find a third party bank… Chase (Jaguar Financial) will not lease still

US Bank does the CPO leases. Chase does them under 6k miles if anyone was wondering. Vehicle must be a CPO.

How would one figure out payment terms on something like this? Is this something you setup through the dealer or is it something you deal with US Bank or Chase directly?