Ram TRX spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

how do you get this?

I hope you’re right. Tracker is trash for me. I have a TRX stuck in KZP (Built, waiting to ship) for over a month now. Was originally supposed to get it by 1/13 and its still not shipped yet.

Dealer email.

That’s cuz it got stolen😂


Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised considering!

I hear you, but I’ve never gotten to D1 this fast.


I always thought bedliner was a good idea for a trail rig, but not for a 90k truck.



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What is your build sheet? color? Reading on TRX forum that some orders with red exterior are going through faster with level 1.

Just got an 88k offer on a 2023 Base. MSRP 86,9xx



:trophy:… TRXs are back on the menu boys!!! :joy::joy::joy:


In for 5!!!

But really, thinking about ordering a level 2 for keeps. Especially considering '23 “might” be the last year for the 6.2. I love this truck.

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24 is confirmed but I believe the V8 engine in question.

RAM is making the MY24? Last I had heard was we are waiting for the March meeting. :thinking:

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Insanity. Region?

We Are Back Killer Queen GIF by NETFLIX

Midwest. Trying to squeeze 90


That would be a hell of a sale. I wonder what drove these TRX values up/held them.

how was farish to deal with?

They were great. But the difficult part is registering it. Luckily the shadier dealers here cut checks regardless of temp tag status so once i drop it off it’s not my problem anymore lol

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